Sunday, 30 December 2012


Just thought I would sneak in and do a little post. Well I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed Christmas, ate too much, drank too much and laughed with friends and family. More importantly did you all get that 'me' time you all deservedly needed?

We had a quiet Christmas, it didn't plan out anything like I had envisaged as C's Granddad passed away two days before Christmas. A lovely man at the age of 96 will be sadly missed by everyone, especially C. It was only the weekend before I was helping him to tie his shoe laces and chatting away about the football and the weather. He wasn't ill....I think it was just his time.

So I've spent my Christmas making sure C and the in laws are OK, making dinners and lunches where required, helping out organising the necessary and listening to so many brilliant stories about Frank's life. So unfortunately we will all have to face the new year with a funeral. We're all getting together on New Years Eve to have a meal and a drink and light 3 Chinese lanterns in memory of Frank.

Its not all been sad though we have embraced the Christmas spirit (Frank would have been disappointed if we hadn't) C was spoiled by me with a PS3 and Fifa13 so you can guess where he has been spending his time? :D And today we ventured out to the shops and I made a start on updating my wardrobe (it seriously needed it). I'm a huge fan of Long Tall Sally but have never actually bought any jeans from there, surprisingly comfy and even though as per usual I'm in between sizes a size 12 was a nice fit, lovely and long at 34" and spotted a pair of raspberry coloured skinny jeans in the sale so bought those too. I also tried on a nice shirt but they didn't have my size (feeling an online order coming soon!). I then bought I gorgeous long jacket from John Lewis which is a Barbour and was half price in the sale.....BARGAIN! Its a start....a new year and a new me.

I'm also feeling ready to get back to work with a new attitude (and no more ridiculous overtime) and get my website filled with lots of new gorgeous bags. I'm determined to go into 2013 with a positive mental attitude!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas at last.....

Yesterday was the last day at the day job until the New Year and boy was I glad to be driving out of the car park. To say that I need a rest is an understatement, there has been so much going on over the last 6 months (most of it exciting) I feel exhausted.

Now I can take my time to enjoy our new home, now festively decorated and look forward to spending time with family and having some 'me' time.

A very good friend reminded me the other day that writing on our blogs should be something for us, yes we love to know that there are you lovely people out there reading it, but we should never feel pressured to write something just because we haven't blogged in ages. Like most people we all have times where we're too busy or just don't have the blogging mojo to write something and I have to admit I am there right at the top for disappearing and then reappearing weeks later.

I have been busy with new makes, custom orders and supplying some of the very lovely shops that stock my items, then I had to squeeze in some handmade gifts, along side doing way too much overtime at the day job. So after feeling like I was missing the run up to Christmas excitement I am now on overload.

Almost all my gifts have been bought/made and wrapped and are sitting tucked underneath our Christmas tree, the decorations have been up for a week and we have a huge new conifer tree in the garden with gorgeous sweety coloured lights twinkling away. We had family down last weekend and again this weekend. Then that's it! It will be Christmas Eve and we are off out for a meal with C's family then back to his parents for Sherry and present swaps.

So this is me wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming New Year. Thank you for reading my sporadic posts and leaving your thoughtful comments I really do appreciate it. I will see you on the other side of 2012.......I wonder what next year will bring?!?!

Em xxx