Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

OOOOoooohhhh Spppppoooookkkkkyyyyyy!!!!!!


This is a photo taken late on Thursday, I am pleased to say that these are all sewn together with their sparkly jewels and attached to completed bags. They all looks so yummy, like a colourful bag of sweeties :D Just photoshop'ing the backgrounds and then I will be listing them on my website.

My pumpkins are all carved ready for tonight/tomorrow!!! Now I'm off to make some more cosmetic pouches......I'm on a roll!!!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I'm almost there, just got the corsages to finish for the new bags, sew buckles on the clutch bags and then I can list everything on here.

Another little sneak peek :D

I have to say that the new list I made was fantastic, planning tasks down to the hour meant that I was constantly motivated to get the job in hand done. Most def the way forward for me. I have a weekend of little tasks ahead which I plan on thoroughly enjoying.

Watched Finding Nemo again (for about the 100th time) yesterday, I wonder what I can find in the DVD cupboard to watch this afternoon???

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


8 years ago on this very date Chris and I had our 'first' date. Every year we buy each other a card and can you believe it we bought each other the same card. We didn't buy them from the same shop but both managed to pick the same one!?!?!? Weired huh? This is not the first time we've done this, Oh no, this must be the 3th or 4th time. I chuckled to myself opening my card this morning and left Chris his on the kitchen bench with a note 'You have great taste in cards :D xxx'

Just finished this bag this afternoon and thought it was quite fitting with the feel of the season at the moment. She just needs her corsage and then she's ready for the website.

Off to get dolled up now as we are going out for Japanese Tappenyaki tonight, Chris's treat.......YUM!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn leaves

Late this afternoon this was the view from my studio window, the sky was oh so blue. The leaves are slowly starting to turn golden, the sun is shining low in the sky and its getting bitterly cold. What a beautiful time of year.

I have to say that I have attempted many times over the weekend to blog, but its just never happened. Too much all going on at once me thinks! So out came the note book last night and I re-jigged my lists. I have a very strict one for this week, down to the hour, with no room for any distractions. Don't worry blogging is included in the to do's. Its a good way to keep me on track :D

Also over the weekend a lovely lady called Cecile had spotted that one of the photos on the Design Edge advert in this months Craft & Design magazine was one of my cosmetic pouches :D Big Yey!!!!!

**UPDATE: Sincere apologies to Cecile (not Celine) as I had wrongly typed her name in a rush, so sorry Cecile.**

Friday, 22 October 2010

Christmas????? Already????

Thanks ever so much for your lovely comments on my About me photo, my Mam loves this photo and I have to say that I'll admit that I do like to sit and go through the old photos we have.

Any who, I know you've probably seen these photos before but since I'm starting to see Christmas popping up all over the place I thought these would make lovely personal gifts. Now I know that this cushion is shown as being a bride and groom cushion but I can make it in any colours and in any detail so you don't have to have can anything you like. As they are custom cushions you decide. I made some lovely stars and stripes cushions not too long ago and even made my friend a cushion for her baby's christening.

You could also opt for the mini monogram cushion, these are so cute, this one was for my friend Andrea's birthday.
They are only on sale in my etsy shop at the moment, but I would be more than happy to list a custom listing on if you would prefer. I'm hoping to get them listed on there properly sometime very soon.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


A quick post before I nip out to the supermarket. This past week there has been a lot of what I call 'faffing'. Milling around doing lots of different jobs but not really getting anything substantial done.

These clutch bags are almost completed, but still on the To Do list. I have ironed far too much this week for my liking, not conquered the pile which is still glaring at me from across the room. Started some new slouch bags for the website but not even half way there. Even started some more cosmetic pouches and felt purses, these too are half finished.

Replenished a lot of supplies (that I didn't really have the cash for) so now I need to get those little fingers of mine sewing away to reap the labour of my fruits (I think that's what they say?).

I have been messing around with both my blog and website this week too. Some new pictures to add to my website and new stock of course (you cant see these yet, still working on that) with some new text. Well I do like to keep it fresh. And from reading some other fantastic blogs earlier in the week, I decided to add some tabs to the top of my blog page. So far the only one I've managed to sort of complete (faffing again) is the 'About me' (can you see it). I've had a little ramble on there and still cant find a photo, although I've had a few thoughts about that :D
TTFN off to food shop!
UPDATE!!! You must go check out the about me page now, I've just added the cutest photo of myself (bet you think I'm blowing my own trumpet! its a must see I promise).

Monday, 18 October 2010

Every Cloud Boutique...

I wanted to stop by today and introduce you to a lovely little boutique tucked away in the pretty surroundings of Dorset. Every Cloud Boutique is owned by the very lovely Charlotte Bennett and her little Aladdin's cave is full of beautiful and unique British handmade and fair trade jewellery, accessories, handbags and gifts.

I met Charlotte at BCTF this year and can proudly say that bagladee joined her list of designers back in May. There is a gorgeous selection of jewellery, bags and scarves......

Isn't this just the sweetest front for a boutique? Every Cloud has a website, where you can read all about the designers and view some of their products, you can even buy online!! Or if you are in the area why not pop in and have a look (tell Charlotte Emma (bagladee) sent you) :D

At the bottom end of South Street (the main pedestrianised shopping Street in Dorchester) turn left through the Nappers Mite Tea Rooms and we are just out the back on the left.

From the Charles Street Car parks (near Waitrose and Goulds) go through the arch way just next to the County Cleaners and we are straight ahead of you.

Every Cloud Boutique
3 Nappers Court, Charles Street, Dorchester, DT1 1EE

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Well this morning I awoke to the garden looking very crisp and white, the first frost of the winter. It was nippy but the sun was shining so it didn't take long for the frost to melt. I remember waking to the sound of some poor soul scraping their windscreen. Brrrr!! But it was warm under the duvet, so there I stayed for another 30 minutes.

There are lots of things going on at the house of bagladee, DIY that is. Shower room complete, bathroom almost there, utility needs grouting (tiles) and the washer and dryer is on order and arrives on Friday. There is dust everywhere and sometimes I don't even know where it comes from...its just there. Thankfully with the studio being in the loft the dust is kept well away from all my lovely fabric and bags. Lots more cutting and sewing this weekend but not had a chance to take any photos. I plan on doing that this week. I've also been tinkering with my blog and website, some changes not that noticeable but more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

I'm off to have cake and coffee with a friend and then later out for Sunday lunch, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Winter Warmers

You may have noticed in my side bar there is an Etsy Mini for my Mam's shop 'AuntyChristine's knitted niceties'. This is her little world where she loves to knit a variety of things, her favourite at the moment being mittens and beanies.

They are very warm and one size fits all as they are stretchy. Chris is a huge fan of them (not the feminine colours I might add) and has a few in his wardrobe. And I too have a few that I shove on when its cold out. And at £14 they are not badly priced.

Her fingerless mittens are fab, warm and snugly but lots of room for movement. Great for Mum's on the go, shopping, outdoor selling (for you crafters out there) and I have to confess I have even worn them in my studio when its been chilly.....totally practical for sewing :D Mittens are £8

She has a wide variety of colours and if you would like something in a particular colour she is more than happy to knit them for you.


My favourite beanie in her shop has to be this one, so pretty with all those flecks of colour.

And I'd team it up with these gorgeous lilac fingerless mittens.

And if you're a reader of my blog and you enter the code:
in the notes to the seller you will receive free postage/shipping (she will refund postage /shipping after transaction is made)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Today I:

:: slept in :(

:: got stressed at work :(

:: was held up and was over an hour late at leaving :(

:: banged my elbow and actually cried (I know....embarrassing!!) :(

:: made 2 clutch bags :)

:: ate some pizza for lunch :)

:: was hugged by Chris :)

:: has a friend coming round for coffee this evening :)


:: is making something simple and yummy for dinner! :D

so the day started awful but turned out good in the end!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Moo Stickers

As requested by Bridget *wave* here is a photo of my new moo stickers (top set). The stickers at the bottom of the photo are my old ones.

The new ones are a lot more feminine and a lot more me (bagladee), I will admit that I had no input into the first ones which were designed by a man :D

Monday, 11 October 2010

Home sweet home

Helllooooooo, yey I'm back to making a mess in my own studio!! Everything was all unpacked Sunday morning and before we went off for Sunday lunch 'lists' had been made. The 'MEGA' list which includes everything, the 'Makes' list and the 'Manageable list' which is the one I carry around with me, daily tasks that I can tick off as I go.

While I was away I made these 2 custom brooches, yes I will make (almost) anything. This afternoon I made their packaging and wrapped them all up nice and neatly ready for posting.

Next on the list was to update all my paperwork with my new typeface for my logo. Its been a slow process this one, the last to be changed is my brooch packaging which I am working on. And while I was away my new Moo stickers arrived!! I almost squealed when I opened them :D
Other exciting things that happened while I was up north......the shower room is complete, the bathroom upstairs is 99.9% there and the utility is half way there. Off to buy a washer and dryer tomorrow (not that exciting but essential).
Not so exciting for my Mam was that while they were away their freezer decided it didn't want to work anymore :( I managed to save all the meat products but the same could not be said about the other stuff. Sorry Mama :( xxxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

My week....

I was 'up with the lark' this morning, cup of tea and dressed by 8. (That's early for me on a Saturday). I have packed all my sewing kit up, just in case I was tempted to do a bit more this morning. My suitcase is all packed, well to be honest it was all packed yesterday, not that I'm eager to get back home or anything :D

Yesterday I finished this bag, you may recognise the fabric, but I loved it so much I bought it in 3 different colours. The other colour (yet to be revealed) is going to be a clutch bag.

Its been a strange old week, didn't turn out at all how I thought it would.

I didn't: watch any films, read my book, write some tutorials, sew any felt purses, make a million (slight exaggeration) new bags, talk to Chris much (as he was busy working on our small but perfectly formed house).

However, I did: meet up with lots of friends, met Russell Brand, went shopping, caught up on the soaps, make 3 shoulder bags, half make 3 clutch bags, make 2 custom brooches, blog hopped (and read) til my heart was content, walk many doggy walkies, eat out, surf the net.

And that was my week in the Northeast house next post will be from home. Still lots to show you!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

'Home' sick

Not that I'm counting or anything but, 2 more sleeps and then I will be in my own bed. Don't get me wrong I have loved looking after Ted and Gordon (my Mam's dog and cat) and its been lovely catching up with my friends properly. But I'm so more than ready to be at home with C and Nell and Oli, I've missed them terribly. I am looking forward to having a cuddle from my man and hopefully Nell wont have forgotten about me too much.

Today there was nothing planned, so I spent the day making some more new bags. This photo was taken earlier today but the second bag that I finished I will have to photo tomorrow, the light wasn't that good when it was complete. We had an exciting 20 minutes when Gordon decided he was going to escape into next doors garden (he's a house cat) a box of cat biscuits in hand and it was all over. They are both fast asleep now......and on that note I'm going to say goodnight. xx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I met Russell Brand!!!

Today I went to the Metro Centre with my friend Emma to see if we could get our books signed by Russell. We queued for just over an hour, which went over really quickly as we were nattering.

He gave me a kiss and a cuddle and said I was very good looking (I'm sure he says that to all of the ladies he meets) ;) He was totally charming and lovely.

I asked him to sign my book to me and Chris and he did just that......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Day 4 house sitting:

Yesterday I had a fab late lunch with a very good friend of mine (Hi Kelly!!) we nattered for ages which was great as I don't get to see her that often. After a mooch round Tesco I came back to my parents house and sewed til late.....

Today I met up with Nicola, you may know her better as smilernpb. We arranged a little while ago that when I would be here house sitting we would meet in Durham for a cuppa. I think we were both nervous about meeting up, but I didn't find it awkward at all Nicola is soooo lovely. She brought her youngest daughter with her and she is such a sweetie pie. We had a few cups of coffee and some cake/biscuits and chatted away, we then went for a walk round the shops and visited Durham Cathedral. Nicola also brought me a gift which was very kind of her, home made cookies, a re-usable cotton bag from the body shop and some coconut body butter (which smells good enough to eat). Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon Nicola we must do it again when I'm in the Northeast. The cookies are soooooo yummy!!! :D

When I got back I continued with my sewing and finished this bag, only a sneak preview mind, I will show you a full picture once its on my website. Well I'm off to make a cup of tea and I think I'll devour some more of those scrummy cookies!! And a little bit of hand sewing me thinks. Bliss!!

That little bit greener

Just posted over here, did you forget about our TLBG blog? The post is about CHOCOLATE!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Old friends

What a beautiful morning today, the sun is shining and I can actually see blue sky! Such an improvement on yesterday, it was awful, chucked it down with rain all day and I don't think the sky was any colour other than grey. So far while I've been here I have drank waaaay too much tea :D went on lots of dog walks, cut out some more pieces for bags and relaxed.

Yesterday (during the downpours) I met up with a friend who emigrated to Australia 10 years was like she'd never been away, I love friends like that. All at once I felt 18 again and then straight away back into the reality that I am 30 and the need to feel all grown up! It made me think of how happy and content I am now and shocked that I feel so settled with Chris in Notts but in a nice way. Sometimes its just nice to go back to your roots, it makes you feel grounded and remember who you are, where you've come from and the things you went through to get there.

I hadn't slept that great since I arrived, being unsettled and all that, and have to say that I've felt quite tired and head achy. Last night was much better and I feel raring to go today. I have some sewing to start.....maybe I can get 3 bags made by the end of today? Hmmmmm the challenge has been set!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

All things British and Beautiful

I'd like to introduce you to....
Which is run by the lovely Zoe and Becky
Peach and Pomegranate is an online boutique which showcases some of the best of British designers. Here you will find exclusive and unique gifts where many of the items are part of a limited edition or one of a kind.
I love this Apple Branch 'Breakfast for one' set.
And I am proud to say that I am now one of their suppliers :D There are a small selection of bags, some no longer available on my website so this is the only place you can get them and some of my very gorgeous cosmetic pouches.
These designs are exclusive to Peach and Pomegranate so get yours while you can!

Lovely Autumnal colours, perfect timing for the season.

This one is my fav.

Don't forget to follow the girls on facebook and twitter. Pop by their blog and say hello, they'd love to hear from you all.

Thank you Zoe and Becky for being such lovely people to trade with.

2:55am crikes!

2:55am :: Got up and dressed and drove my parents to the airport.

4:07am :: Left Newcastle International Airport

4:37am :: Crawled back into a then cold bed :(

5:30am :: Woken by Ted barking at nothing (thanks Ted)

7:08am :: Woken again by Ted barking (seriously Ted this is not happening every night)

10:00am :: Alarm goes off, Emma mutes it! Zzzzzzzz back to sleep

11:30am :: Naturally wakes up and gets dressed for a cup of tea and some toast.

It's slightly strange not having anything planned so to speak.....I'm going to have a tidy up and wash the dishes and then I think I'll have a bit of fun by turning my Mam's dining room into a bagladee sewing den :D

Come back later I've got a lovely post for and a fab online shop for you to browse!!