Thursday, 31 May 2012

Union Jack pin cushion

I love to make bags but I also love to make things out of felt. I just couldn't resist drawing a pattern up for this cute felt pin cushion. I also found some lovely royal blue buttons in my stash. perfect for the centre.

I made 5 in total and as always they are up for grabs £11 (incl p+p)....oooh just sold 1 so that makes 4 left.

As I added the button to the front in a padded sofa style it made a cute little dimple on the reverse :)

I have pieces cut for two cushions too....just need to get them sewn together.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Where One would keep Ones pennies

I knew the second I saw these fabrics that I just had to get them, even though it meant breaking my 'No more fabric buying until August' rule I'd imposed on myself in March. Oooops never mind! :D

It was worth it!! Aren't these little purses just the cutest?

I was almost tempted to keep this one for myself but decided I would share them with you instead :)

£18 (incl p+p) and there are only 1 of each so be quick.

I think I've now become completely obsessed with the Union Jack, first I made a felt pin cushion (photos to come) then I started cutting out pieces for a small cushion and then a large one....still yet to be sewn.

I've found myself being drawn to making just one off pieces. My most favourite items at the moment being the fabric storage boxes. I plan on making some more so watch this space :D

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Where would one store one's items

I am very pleased to say that my Jubilee storage boxes now have a new home :) A lovely lady called Anna saw them on my facebook page and asked if she could buy them. I squealed with delight when I realised it was Anna from 'The House of Mouse' how fantastic :)They are now on their travels.....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, thanks for sticking around to read, things have been so hectic and lots of home stuff going on too. I'm hoping to get some time soon to add new stock to my website, I think I've been saying that for about 4 weeks :/ ooops!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A right Royal garden party

I so hope that this glorious weather lasts through to the Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Wouldn't it be lovely to celebrate with her Royal Majesty with a little garden party and BBQ? Lets all keep our fingers crossed.

I decided to join in with the Jubilee themed crafts and have made these patriotic beauties.

I'm promoting them through my facebook page and twitter so you wont find them on my website. If you're interested you can either leave a comment here or pop over to here or here to leave me a message. Alternatively if you want to ask any questions about the items please feel free to email me

I will be back with some individual posts on each of the this space.

Now go on and go enjoy this weather, its not often us British get to experience glorious weather like this!  :D

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Special birthday gift

Just before BCTF I unveiled my new version of my cosmetic pouch, how is it different??

Well it has a deeper base and is double lined with sew in interfacing to make it study so that it stands up on its own. I have replaced the felt flower detail with a simple ribbon bow which wraps round the whole pouch and placed a little button at the centre of the bow. This now means that you can machine wash your pouch should you need to.

My lovely twitter friend Michele asked if I would make her one in purples so that her lovely hubby could buy it for her birthday. I said "Yes of course" and here it is....Michele is using hers for a project bag (she makes these gorgeous tiny bears) rather than cosmetics which I think is a totally fab idea.

Want one??? Well you know what to do! or message me on twitter @bagladee custom orders are always my fav :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Something a little British

Working on some pieces with a Jubilee soon!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Custom order for Whoatemycrayons

One of the projects I've been working on lately was this very cute custom saddle bag for a very lovely lady called Tia. Tia is a graphic designer extrordanaire and has a fantastic website here Whoatemycrayons.

Tia wanted to choose her own fabrics and decided on this gorgeous blue fabric with 1cm polka dots.

The strap was made from 2 fabrics, the outer being a smaller dot polka print in a baby blue and the inner a very striking Japanese dress print.

The lining inside was a lovely vibrant golden yellow, which Tia left the linig decision up to me as a surprise so I was so pleased when she said she loved the choice.

Finally Tia chose pillar box red for the bow detail on the flap of the bag.

Very kindly Tia has been showcasing her new Bagladee saddle bag and has been getting some fantastic comments.

You can find my current selection of saddle bags over on my website here if you would like a custom order just like Tia did please feel free to contact me

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Time spent absent from my blog is always time spent thinking about things.......and lately there have been lots of 'things' to think about. I have written copious amounts of lists, scribbled on them, re-written them and crossed things out and eventually settled on a definitive list. Its a messy list and no doubt will be re-written for the seventh time but I kinda know where I'm going now and what I need to get done. Sounds cryptic doesn't it, well its not really its just life.

I love not knowing what will happen next, its scary but in the same breath its exciting. Things may not always go to plan but at least if you do have one you know the tasks ahead.

I have been busy making too, I've just completed a trade order which is going to the very lovely shop Had2Buy in Darlington. Been making a special cosmetic pouch for my Twitter friend Michele, a Kindle cover for my good friend Rachel, finished a sample bag for a magazine review and started a couple of new projects which I will show you photos of very soon.

I cant wait to share some of the exciting things that are coming up and hopefully that will be soon. I think Bagladee and I will be taking a slightly different path over the next this space!