Monday, 29 January 2018

My Make Nine 2017 - almost

Hello my lovelies, well as promised here are some photos of my Make Nine from last year. There were also a pair of pj shorts but I have no idea where the photo has gone so I've popped in a photo of my Linden Sweatshirt that I finished over the Christmas break...didn't quite finish it before the end of 2017 but the intention was there so surely that counts rights?

Its been a busy couple of weeks here again but I have managed a little sewing, I've finished my latest crochet blanket and I've been working on some more plans for 2018.

Hopefully blogging will pick up a little bit now as I have a stash of photos to show you all and still some more to take *thumbs up* could this be a sign of me finally getting my sh*t together and getting organised? 

This is part of the reason I love my blog, its great for getting my head straight. Getting all those ideas and plans down and out there so that you kinda said it out loud so that means you have to get your ass into gear and get them done! :) 

How do you all find it best to lay out plans? Are you a list writer? Have you got any suggestions on how to be more organised? I'd love to hear them, I am a terrible (I should say expert) procrastinator so anything that gets me organised and focused is a win in my book.

Right I'm tootling off now to go and make another (3rd of the evening) cup of tea and start planning the rest of this weeks posts.

Have a fab week guys....see you soon,

Emma xxx