Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Situation

This is the situation.....
24 purses , 15 clutches, 15 cosmetic pouches, 11 saddle bags, 9 shoulder bags, 7 slouch bags, 3 utility bags is what I need to make before 16th June!!! Writing that down makes me feel queasy :/

I kinda have a plan, well an order of what I need to do and what I manage to get made is what I will be taking. I don't feel as stressed out as previous prep but I think that's because I'm still not feeling 100%. Last night I made a list of all the things I would normally do in the week, I then picked 3 things out of that week that at a push I could live without for a couple of weeks. One of those things is going to be blogging.

Now you all know that I love my blog but I am stretched further than I've ever been and I am conscious that I need to keep myself well in order to get everything done. I know that when I do come back that you will all still be there in blogland (you will wont you?). I'm not totally isolating myself from it though, I will still be having the odd cup of tea here and there so I will have a little time to catch up on blog reading. There just wont be any posts for a while. So if you've never read some of the tutorials that I have written or want a laugh by reading some of my really early posts then please feel free to delve right in. And if you just cant live without finding out what I'm up to then you can read my posts on my Twitter page. If you look to the right about half way down in the side bar you will see my Tweets.

Take care and I will see you again real soon :)

Emma xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Twin (Peaks, well a mountain really)

I'm so glad that I am finally starting to feel better, time is ticking and there are lots to be made before June 16th!!!
Yesterday was the first day that I've really felt up to 'getting stuck into it', being ill when you work for yourself and you are the only person in that business is not ideal. But I think the few days of rest did me good.

To go with the photo that I posted yesterday of the Ruby triplets here are Phoebe and Cordelia twins. I really loved this print, hence why I bought it in purple and white :)

These are all ready to be packaged up and off on their travels this week and then I can add my new stockists to my website and blog.

I have no idea how many purses, clutch bags and cosmetic pouches I cut out yesterday but I now have 3 huge piles ready to be sewn together. Its gonna be a huge mountain to climb in 3 weeks but I am more than ready for the challenge!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ruby Triplets

Out of all the bags that I have made since starting up bagladee I have never made the full 3 all at the same time. I have used this print before, but in mustard and brown and I love it. Raspberry is the Pantone trend colour for this Spring/Summer, which I think is what attracted me to this one. Let me introduce you to 'Ruby'. Or should I say Rubies?

Before 2 of them go off to their new homes I thought I'd take the opportunity to photograph them altogether.

It feels weird as this is the first time that its felt like a proper 'run' of designs, so to speak. I think the last one will be sad when the other 2 leave next week ;) I'm sure she will find a home too soon.

Now that I have some medication (previous post : ill) I am ready and raring to get stuck into making some stock this weekend for Bath. Watch this space :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fabric stash.....well whats left

Some time last year I took this photo of my fabric stash....on the rare occasions that it was tidy :D A pretty big pile of fabrics, mainly patterned with a few plains at the bottom left.

You might have seen this post recently? So after a good clear out and selling some of my stash it now looks like this.....

A few more plains and half the amount of patterns than there was before. That's a good thing though. As I only make 3 of each bag in a fabric combination I usually buy new fabrics for every new collection. So it seemed pretty pointless keeping these fabrics when I just don't have the time to make anything with them.

But then this also means that I have a lovely tidy studio and with everything that's going on the tidier the better. Can you see my little collection of monkeys :)

This is some of the stash I have left in my bagladeedestash shop on Etsy, a yard of fabric for £3.50.

My Mama's birthday was lovely, we had a meal on the Saturday night, and Sunday lunch with Chris's family and then tea and cakes late afternoon. I bought my Mama a new watch for her 60th, DKNY, silver cross over bangle with a round face....very pretty. Even if I did have to buy it 3 times!!!! Yes I did say 3, that's what you get for buying a watch on Friday 13th!! Bought it to be told it was out of stock but would take 5 days to credit my card, so went and bought it from another website (and paid extra for next day) only for the courier to not knock on the door and take it back to the depot. A phone call later I couldn't have it redelivered until the Tues (too late) so I had to go into town and buy one over the counter (which I should have done in the first place) so 2 refunds later I had the watch!! Phew.

I am busy trying to plough through some orders that I have so that I can get started on stock for Handmade in Britain.....which is looming. Only 1 month to go, best get my skates on!!!!

**thanks for the get well wishes I have an appointment at the doctors on Thurs so hopefully will get sorted then**

Monday, 16 May 2011

Smiles and thank you's

Can you remember a few weeks ago when I had a little giveaway for my blog birthday? Alex from Daisie Days was the winner drawn from the 'pot'. I'm not sure who was thrilled more, me because Francesca Alex's daughter really wanted to win it as she is a 'pink' girl or Francesca herself :D

Here she is with her prize!

Then to my surprise and delight this card arrived in the post yesterday......it was a thank you card from Francesca :) thanks ever so much hunny it was such a lovely thought. And thanks to Alex too :)

Smiles and thank you's all round



Today has just been one of those days where everything that was planned just didn't happen. We've had such a lovely weekend for my Mama's 60th Birthday and today I was planning on getting right back into it with a To Do list as long as my arm. I have felt dreadful all day. Feeling better this evening I think I'll be back at work tomorrow.

And I promise I will bring photos and more interesting stories :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy Birthday Mama :)

Hope she doesn't mind me telling you how old she is today but I think its a pretty special one. My Step Dad and Mam are here for the weekend.......pressie opening time in a little while, then out for lunch with the rest of the family.


Back tomorrow with tales of red hair, buying the same present 3 times! and some but not much sewing.

Monday, 9 May 2011

I love my blog

Its always quiet and friendly, a place I can think and plan and organise. Where I can show photos and experiences and write tutorials. Be free to express myself, be with like minded people. Chat and make friends. Have the most valuable encouragement and support. Get honest feedback, discover new skills and learn new things about myself. Sit in my PJ's and holey socks with a cup of tea and read wonderful posts by fellow bloggers. Feeling inspired to write a post @1am and someone somewhere be up to read it. Being able to admit I am down, scared, upset or angry without fear of being judged or deemed weak. Being entertained and laughing until I think my sides will split. Making life long friends even though we haven't formally met.

This is why I love my blog!

Why do you love yours?

***feel free to use the picture above to write your own 'blog love' post***

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Felty Bride & Groom

When I was going through my "what can I make out of felt" phase I made this adorable pair.A Bride and Groom made out of felt. I started by sketching out lots of designs, different dresses, hair styles, faces, colours, ties, suits. But then settled on these two to make up.

The Groom even has a tie and handkerchief that co-ordinates with the Brides dress. Awwwwww!!!

Today I decided to list them in my Folksy shop, they'd make a very cute gift for someone who is about to get wed. A unique gift.

I am hoping to get round to making some more......maybe even custom ones where you can say what you want them to look like!?! That's if I can find the time to fit it all in :D

Friday, 6 May 2011

Destash Update

Today I have added some more fabrics to my destash shop (trying not to sob whilst I did it). Beautiful fabrics, just I know that I'm not going to get round to using them so they are up for grabs for a bargain. This is the last lot, thank goodness, it was like having an arm ripped off.....only joking, it wasn't that bad. There is no point hording stuff (Are you listening Mama!!!) ;)

Bizarre, I have sold more stuff in my destash shop in a week then I have in the 3 years in my bagladee shop :/ Oh well I suppose its just the way it goes.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Exciting - new additions!!!

Sadly I seem to have lost some followers this week. I do hope its not because my posts are boring or you don't like what I write? I like to think that even if I do ramble on a tad that there are always nice photos to entertain you all.
On a happier note and speaking of photos, yesterday was spent adding all the new items to my website that I took with me to BCTF in April. Yes its shocking that it has took me until now to complete this task but I do have my excuses :) This is one of the new bags I designed early April. A compact saddle bag with an adjustable over shoulder strap, that can be shorted and used as a handbag. I love this print, its def one of my all time favourites. I love to place patterns.

This cute little addition to the bagladee family is a chrome framed coin purse. They replaced my felt purses on the website. I sold out of quite a lot of these at the trade fair but don't worry there are lots more on their way.....cut out and waiting to be sewn together.
And last but not least new chrome framed clutch bags!! I have to admit that these clutch bags were designed for selfish reasons :D I wanted to make a clutch for a wedding that I am going to later on this year so thought while I was taking the plunge to make something out of my comfort zone I would add them to the family too (providing that they turned out OK that is). What do you think? I think they are gorgeous, but then again I am biased ;)

There are lots of other additions too why not pop over and have a browse, there are also some new pages. I've jiggled some bits about and removed some old bits that were looking a bit duff. Let me know what you think.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Catch up?

I know you're probably thinking where have I been for the last few days and I have felt a bit duped that I've broken my continuous blog run :( I have been so busy this past week it hasn't felt like the Easter break at all.

Not that I'm complaining Ooooh Noooo......we had a week shutdown at work last week so I spent the time working on orders from BCTF and lots of other bits and bobs that seemed to take up more time than I had planned. As you can see from the photo above, mid week I had a couple of supplies deliveries including these very yummy coloured zips for my cosmetic pouches. And now that I have found a trade supplier I can get them in larger batches :D I also received some interfacing (not so yummy but essential) Still waiting on fabric, some more findings and clutch frames.

I have also been packaging up some more fabric that will be winging its way to new homes where I hope they will be transformed into wonderful creations. If you haven't checked it out have a peek in my new destsash shop....link on the right side bar. It was about time that I stopped hoarding fabric and did something productive with it. Offering a bargain seemed quite appropriate.

I have managed to get a lot of sewing done this week and as a little reward we took the day off yesterday and rode out to Matlock on C's bike. This is the first time that I have been on this bike. Previously C had a sports bike and I wasn't too keen on it, far too fast and not comfortable to ride on. This one is a Honda Shadow and has been customised by C himself. As he is a massive fan of American Chopper on Sky its beaming with Chrome and has had a custom paint job Very pretty. Its an 'easy rider' bike so we had a nice leisurely ride, a nice walk in the sun, chatting to other bike fanatics, fish and chips and then a little more brisk ride back. Lovely day......back to work today sadly.