Friday, 28 November 2008

Off on my travels

I'll be missing from blog land this weekend as I am travelling up to Newcastle to visit my family (and host a bag party). I will be back with you on Monday with some photo's of my newly finished project and some other news.....

Have a great weekend, see you soon.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;) Day 5


Here its is........set 5 of 5. I thought I'd show these little hedgehog pouches last, aren't they sweet.

I thought the baby blue cotton would be perfect for the lining and used 3 different shades of blue zips.
I've just added the rhinestones and charms and I must say they look fab.......and are starting to sell already. I'm doing a house 'bagladee' party this weekend up at my Mam's and hope they go down just as well as on here. Any that I do have left will be listed on my website next week.
I do however have one more set left up my sleeve, I was going to post tonight but I'm trying to sort everything to take for the weekend so I guess I wont have time. You have to wait and see.

OK off to try and organise the chaos that is my clothes and bags :0/

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;) Day 4

Littl' Piggies
OK here's set 4 of my pouches these ones have the most adorable piggies with wings. I matched the fabric up with some organic cotton for the lining and again co-ordinating zips.

I'm starting to run low on zips so I think I may take a trip to ribbon moon and stock up :D yey!!! I love supplies shopping.

The pouches and purses are starting to be snapped up already so if you would like any of them don't forget to email me or leave a comment here. Day 5 tomorrow which will feature cute little hedgehogs!!!

Finger update: took the elastoplast off today to let the air get to it to dry out which was fine until I caught it at work and it bled again so on went another plaster :o/

Be sure to check back tomorrow I have a little Christmas inspired post to add after the last of the pouches/purses!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;) Day 3

Flamin' flamingos!!
Here is set 3 of the pouches I've been busy making, this fabric has to be my favourite out of the 5. Girly flamingos!! :) I think they will look so pretty with their sparkly rhinestones and heart shaped charm.

And with the bright pink lining definitely a pouch/purse for a girly girl. Although I'm not a girly type (played with trucks and cars when I was a child!!) but I love it too!!!

Don't forget if you see anything you like they will all be listed on my website after the weekend (that is if I haven't sold them at the bag party I'm doing this weekend) however if you cant wait to see if they are still available email me or leave me a comment and I will reserve it/them for you.

OK on to the disaster last you remember when I said I was in the middle of a new project but wouldn't be showing until it was finished? Well I was sewing them together last night, which involved a short length of elastic that I needed to trim. It wasn't until I had cut it that I realised that I had also cut a chunk out of my middle finger too :0. are you cringing???

First of all I couldn't believe that I had done it (again!!!) second was panic as I was bleeding.....all logic going out of the window to stop the bleeding!!! I RANG MY MAM!!! What was she going to do 160 mile away? Duh! Any way the bleeding was stopped, an elastoplast was added and I was back to sewing. Still a little sore but its not hindering my sewing so never mind.

(When I say again, I did this once before when I was at College when I took a chunk out from between my fingers Yuk!!! :o/

Monday, 24 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;) Day 2

As promised from yesterday here is the second set of pouches I have been making. This set is made from another Japanese print fabric with really funky toadstools, flowers and butterflies in the pattern. They are yet to be bejewelled with rhinestones and a cute flower charm on the zip.

I went for earthy colours for the lining and zips on these to compliment the colours in the fabric.

The only problem is every time I make another pouch, its my favourite and I want to keep it!!

If you haven't read the first post the pouches are available in: large/medium cosmetic pouch and coin purse, and again these are the only 3 of these little beauties so you'll have to get in fast!! Don't worry I will put an announcement on my blog once they are ready to be listed.
Right I'm off to get on with some more sewing, I'll be back tomorrow with the third set of pouches.......

Sunday, 23 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;)

Well after all the excitement of the Christmas Swap (which I am still smiling from) I thought it would be good for me to get back to that notorious 'To Do list' and let you know what I've been up to. (Just wanted to say thanks for all your kind comments on my last post **hug**)

Back to the list, you may remember a few posts back where I had bought some gorgeous fat quarters of Japanese fabrics to make some more cosmetic pouches and purses. If not here is a pic of all the pieces cut out with co-ordinating zips.

As there are 5 sets I have decided to keep one set for each post so watch out for the others tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I love this fabric, it almost looks Christmassy to me, but then again anything that is red and green at the moment makes me get in the festive mood!! :0)
In each fabric I have made a large cosmetic pouch- great for keeping all your make up in and is even big enough to hold make up brushes too, a medium make up pouch- great for having in your hand bag with your essentials in there, and a coin purse- big enough to keep cash credit cards and even a set of keys or mobile phone.

As always my pouches and purses have contrasting fabric and zips, I do try to not give 2 pouches the same combination so it keep them individual.

And as I only bought a fat quarter these 3 babies are the only ones I've made. I like to keep them in limited numbers ensuring that they are in keeping with bagladee's ethos. The only thing left to do is add the charms to the zips and rhinestone detailing. I will be listing them on my website (not on Etsy this time- Sorry Etsians, if you are interested email or convo me and I will list on Etsy as a reserved listing especially for you :) just ask).

So ticking off the Christmas Swap and the new pouches, that left me free to make some pouches out of the fabric I had left from Elizabeth's Christmas Swap bag (I don't ever waste any fabric, its too precious to me), they look so cute with the little snow men on. I will try and get these into my Etsy Shop this week. I will post photos before I do. Plenty more on that 'To Do list' so I'm off to tackle some more.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

.......every where you go! (its beginning to look a lot like christmas)

Thanks so much for your comments about my swap goodies for Elizabeth, now I bet your itching to know what was in my parcel? I know I was!!!!

First of all there was this gorgeous little card with a hand embroidered toadstool, inside was a lovely message from Elizabeth...."Dear Emma, Hope you like the enclosed-they should be useful this winter. Both are 100% pure wool-as is the felt flower, the button is vintage."
Well I could barely contain myself at this point, ravaging the paper off like a crazy woman!!

And look what was inside this gorgeous knitted beanie hat and matching scarf!!!!!! I know its fab isn't it :) I absolutely adore the colours and the felt flower and vintage button set it off just right! Are you jealous???

I want to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth who was an amazing swap partner......she has a fab blog called Making Good Use if you haven't seen it pop over and say hi. And if you too love her knitted creations then why not visit her etsy shop to see what goodies she has for sale?

God, where did they get this model from??? She has bags under her eyes, and I'm sure she has a lazy eye on one side? Oh its me!!! Ha ha ha :) As you can see they fit perfectly and match my eyes ;)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

Since Elizabeth has received my package for the Christmas Swap (OHHHH Yessssss, we opened them tonight!!!!!!!!!) I thought I'd show you what I made for her.

OK are you ready? Here goes........

I am by no means a paper crafter or card maker, I've done a few basic ones before so I thought I would have a go at making my own for the swap.
And this little fella on the front I cut out of felt and hand stitched before sticking on. I also used these fab little fabric snowflakes that I picked up at the craft fair last week.

And of course it goes without saying that the main gift was a had to be :)

I used a lovely Japanese fabric with snowmen printed on it and a lovely green cotton inside to contrast with the red handle and used some festive coloured ribbon as a tie for closure.

Bless those little cute and colourful.

Then I decided along with the snowman for the card I would make a holly brooch, which could be used to adorn the bag or worn separate on a jacket or blouse.

Once they were all wrapped up I added this gift tag, that matches the card :) and to my delight I received a lovely email from Elizabeth this evening saying how much she loved her swap goodies (Oh I should also mention that I added a little box of Lindt chocolates!!! I know they're scrummy aren't they?).
And yes, I've opened my parcel from Elizabeth......but not I'm not going to tell you what it is, you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out as I'm doing a post all about it.
Have a lovely evening xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Look what I've got??

This is totally (very impatient hasn't been able to wait for anything in her life, ever!!!!) Has received her Christmas Swap goodies 5 days ago!!!!

Yes 5, five, 5 days ago!!!!! And I still haven't opened it!!
All I want to know is: Am I allowed to open it yet???????
Fellow swappers please put me out of my itchy, cat on hot tin roof misery and tell me, if my swap partner (Elizabeth from Making Good Use, has received hers too, can we open them? (Oh my god I think I'm regressing back to when I was 5 I can feel a tantrum coming on, yes that's lying on the floor legs and arms flailing everywhere!!! ;)

Sunday, 16 November 2008

100th Post!!!

Since its my 100th post I thought I would post something a bit festive. I've just listed these cute little Christmas Flower Brooches in my Etsy shop. Click here.

They also look fab with ribbon looped through the pin at the back for tree decorations.

Are you feeling festive yet??????

Saturday, 15 November 2008


I just want to say thank you to all of you who left comments on my last post, its nice to know there are such thoughtful people out there that read my blog and it certainly put things into perspective a little.......what will be will be! I just have to sit it out.

I've been bursting since I got back from the Christmas Craft Fair yesterday to show you what goodies I brought back :) I had a lovely day, Chris braved it and joined me (secretly I think he actually enjoyed it). It was craft overload for me though at one point when we stopped for lunch I could hardly contain myself. There were people walking back and forth with craft storage and bags full of goodies....I was thinking I was missing out on something just because I wasn't in there ferreting around the stands. There was one stand where it was nearly every woman for herself......I felt quite intimidated ;)

Anyway this is what I did buy: some storage for beads and machine spools, a great little gadget for sticking crystals on, some stamps, card, magazines, cake ribbon (I shall explain in a second), and some beads etc.

Whilst I was rummaging through a huge box of stamps that were only £1 I found this 'It's a bag thing' stamp and I just had to get it.......and is now bagladee's motto!!

OK to explain the cake ribbon, my mam (hiya mama!!) makes the most amazing Christmas Cakes EVER!!!! She makes them in mid November and gives some away and sells the others.
If I had to say what my favourite smell is would have to be when I was younger I would come in from school in November and the house would be filled with the smell of Christmas cakes slowly cooking in the oven, for me there is nothing that beats that. And if I was lucky I'd get a little sip of sherry too ;) So these are for her to decorate her cakes. I have a small piece of last years still carefully wrapped up, but cant wait to get this years!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Oh what a feeling.......not good :o/

I'm always the type of person where when I do a job I put my all into it, even more so when it came to starting my job at the place I work now. I had no experience in the field I was going into and was not qualified in anything to do with it as my degree is in Fashion and Textiles. But I was asked to stay on permanent after being taken on as a temp.

I've worked really hard for the past 4 years and worked my way up to a good job with a good salary. And although I have spent most of the past year complaining about my job, most people do don't they?, I realised today just how important the job is in my life. I suppose that happens when you are hauled into a room and told that your job is at risk due to multiple redundancies. I cant tell you how shell shocked I am, I don't normally feel compelled to write anything about my day job as its been my bread and butter, my means to an ends but this has really had an impact on me. Its the not knowing, but I hope that it doesn't happen to me. I know there are probably many people just like me who've been affected by the credit crunch and I really can sympathise with you.

Anyway on to something more cheery.......
I've decided on my new years resolution already, and that is to have a go at printing my own fabric and doing some free-hand embroidery. I would like to design and make a range of bags where only one of each is made, with a unique print and embroidery detail. I am a massive fan of limited edition ranges and thought it was about time I thought about doing my own!!

So to help me on my way and get a little inspiration I bought these two books that arrived earlier in the week. They are fantastically detailed in directions and tips. Cant wait to get stuck into them in the New Year.

And I mentioned on an earlier post that I had bought some yards of Thai Silk so I though they were so gorgeous I just had to post some photos to show you.

You can see the two-tone colour better in this picture, I love teal and pink.
With the events of today I'm lucky that tomorrow is a day I've booked off and were going to the Crafts for Christmas Fair at the Birmingham NEC, which also includes free entry into the Hobbycrafts and Art Materials Live. So I will be in my element tomorrow!!!!!! Will take some photos and show you my loot (as no doubt there will be something I want to buy) tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sneak Preview Ssshhhhh!

Phew what a weekend!! Hope you all had a good one. So much done and ticked off my list it would be hard not to have a big smile of satisfaction on my face.

First was to get stuck into my Christmas Swap and that's exactly what I did. I already knew what I wanted to do and had started to cut pieces out, I was enjoying myself so much the hours just whittled away :)

OK only a sneaky peek though as I don't want to spoil the surprise for my swap partner Elizabeth from Making Good Use.

Can you tell what it is yet (awful Rolf Harris impersonation) ;)

Oooooh I love giving gifts!!! Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love the satisfaction of seeing someone appreciate presents :)

OK now that's your lot!! A few tweaks here and there and it'll be off in the post.
Satisfaction is the word for the weekend!!!!!
(Back tomorrow with more goodies from the weekend)

Friday, 7 November 2008

Back to the 'To Do' list.

So its Friday again and back to the, still very large, 'To Do' list. Since I have all my tasks planned out this will be my last post of the week. I have a list of everything I need to make, this includes the Christmas Swap that I am taking part in which is creeping up fast!!

As well as organising another party and doing some items for Christmas for my Etsy shop. I really don't know how I fit all this in!?!? :o/

Here is whats on my tray at the moment, new brooches for my Etsy shop and drawings of some more brooches I will be making. The fabric in the top picture is partly to do with my Christmas Swap and again something for Etsy. I will get some more photos of my wip and post on Monday for you all to see.
Have a fab weekend, happy crafting!!! xx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Oh I do love parcels!!

Yesterday this little parcel was sitting in my post box waiting for me when I got home from work :) I did actually manage to restrain myself from opening it before I went to get my camera.

I love the little detail of the stamp on the front and back of the envelope.

And inside were these fab Christmas gift tags that I had ordered from Jelly Beans on Etsy, I think that they will make a gorgeous handmade touch to my Christmas gifts this year.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!!

Here is a little taster of the fireworks display we went to last night, sorry the photo's aren't that great, they were taken with my phone.

I've also posted a short video clip (also from my phone).

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My First Treasury!!!

If you are not an Etsy visitor, then 'why not?'. Etsy is a fab place for all people like me all over the world to sell their handmade wares.

I've just been invited to join a team within Etsy called 'Carried Away: The bag makers of Etsy' click here to read the team blog. To introduce the Etsy world to the new team Solsisters has created a treasury featuring bags from the members. And my lovely Miami Orange Shopper was staring back at me when I clicked to view it :)

Click here to see me and the other members in the treasury. Thanks ever so much Solsisters!!

Go Team Carried Away!!

Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night!!

I am sooooo excited I am off to a Bonfire and Fireworks display tonight near where we live. I love Bonfire Night, a good excuse to get wrapped up warm and take the short walk down to the Forest Field where there's an organised display and I must say its always fantastic!!

For those of you who do not reside in the UK. Here's a little ditty as to what its all about:

Guy Fawkes Night (also known as Bonfire Night, Cracker Night, Fireworks Night) is an annual celebration on the evening of the 5th of November. It celebrates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of the 5th of November 1605 in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, England.
It is primarily marked in the United Kingdom where it was compulsory, by Royal Decree, to celebrate the deliverance of the King until 1859, but also in former British colonies including New Zealand, parts of Canada, and parts of the British Caribbean. Bonfire Night was also common in Australia until the 1980s, but it was held on the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June in some states (e.g., New South Wales) and 5 November in others (e.g., Victoria). Festivities are centred on the use of fireworks and the lighting of bonfires.

I will post some photos of tonight's but here's a few pictures so you get the idea :)

I absolutely love fireworks, they are so pretty!! There's always a finale at the end of the display!!
And for those of you who are going to a display, enjoy!!!!! :) xx

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Now, where do I start??

Normally I am full of chat when I come to blog but today I'm struggling to get it down. Lets just see how it goes.......

The weather outside is awful, this afternoon was windy but dry, now its pouring down and with the wind its making it even worse. I went out to the garage earlier to get some stuff out of the dryer and when I came back in I looked like I needed to put myself in there to dry!! I was wet through so I had to get changed.

I did manage to make a trip earlier to this quirky little shop near where we live called Roots, Chris had been in looking for some wall hangings (they sell lots of hand carved furniture, mirrors, etc) earlier in the week and said that they had some pre-cut lengths of Thai silk. I got 2 lots one in a vibrant two-tone pink and the other in a bluey green two-tone colour. Overall I got 8 yards for £30 which is very cheap compared to larger retailers. So big smile on my face when I left there :)

This also meant that when I got home I tidied my fabric boxes and transferred my printed fabric to a bigger box as it was over flowing and I could no longer get it closed!! I then cut out all the interfacing that I needed for my purses and pouches ready to be sewn together tomorrow.

Here they are ready to go!

(The lights keep dimming due to the weather outside, I just hope that the electricity doesn't go off whilst I'm writing this post!)

OK I'm off to indulge in a lovely glass of wine and curl up under a blanket on the sofa with Nell on my knee (my kitty). Have a lovely evening xx