Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rainbow rings

I think I may be slightly addicted to making these, I love the fact they are so small and intricate. I started making these after I made the new felt brooches and I wondered to myself, how small could I actually go and still make them work. So after fiddling around with different sizes these were the smallest I could go to still keep the detail.

I think they make a fun and colourful accessory for your outfit. I have to admit I'm not really a person for wearing jewellery I have and engagement ring and a friendship ring that I wear, I wear the same pair of earrings and necklace everyday and of course I wear a watch. So the fact these can be worn to match an outfit is perfect for me. 

I made an extra set of these just for myself and wear some colours more than others as they match more of my wardrobe. 

They are made in two sizes of flowers, the larger one being 3cm in diameter and the smaller 2.5cm and the ring itself is adjustable.

These will be added to my website this week....and they will be available in more colours too (I just picked these ones to photograph as I liked the colours together).

You can even get a matching brooch....soon to be added too :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

Not yet finished...

This week I had a good old tidy up in the studio, well it was a bit of a mess....alright it was a complete tip to be honest.

After about 3 hours......

All of my stock was neatly organised on my expedit shelving, patterns were put away in the correct folders, thread organised into the correct fabric boxes, my craft books and magazine put back where they should be, fabric scraps (too small to keep) and rubbish collected together and taken out to the bin.

By this time I could see carpet Woooo Hooooo!! :)

As I was tidying and organising I kept coming across projects that had been started but I hadn't gotten round to finishing them. I hadn't realised there were so many!! 
I've organised them into piles of what to finished per week. I'm starting with the brooches above, I hadn't finished these as I'd put them in a 'safe place'. You know when you tidy and you think to yourself I'll put that in there and then forget all about it. 

I'm hoping that inbetween orders I'll get them all finished and crossed off my 'To finish' list.

I'll come back to post some photos of the tidy studio tomorrow.....

Have a fab weekend :)