Thursday, 26 January 2012

Did you see me??

If you bought January's issue (issue 6) of Craftseller then maybe you spotted me on page 77? "Guest Expert" never thought I'd read that of myself :) but sure enough there is a picture of me, the cover of my first craft book, one of my clutch bags and a purse and more importantly my #SBS Winners badge.

I was asked by the lovely Beth if I would like to write a piece on my Theo Paphitis win and of course I said yes. I really enjoyed writing this little piece for Craftseller as I hoped it would inspire many more crafters to put them selves out there. Its a great time to be starting a designer/maker career and this magazine is the perfect read for anyone wanting to branch out their crafting talent into the world of selling.

Also watch out for me in issue 39 of Sew Hip magazine which goes on sale February 29th.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bull dog clips are just for stationary?

Right?? Not in my studio they're not. These fold back bull dog clips are fantastic for holding fabric together that is too thick for normal dress making pins. I use them in particular for my saddle bags where the hem round the top of the bag opening meets the bag flap. The sandwich of fabric, interfacing, more interfacing and a little more interfacing is way too thick for pins so I use these clips...

I know a lot of my sewing pals who use oilcloth use these clips so as to not pierce the cloth with pins (which means nasty pin holes where you don't want them). I always have a handful of them lying around just in case. They've come in mighty handy for the leather kindle covers I've been making too.

Do you use and odd stationary items in your crafting?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sewing and Planning

So far this week there has been lots of sewing, lots of planning and lots of thinking. To say I have planned the next 12months out would sound utterly ridiculous but on paper I have. Right down to the week. There are lots of things I should have already completed but they just seem to be getting shoved down the list at the moment.

The first one of those tasks being to sort out my website and get my new products listed, there will be new purses, new mini clutch bags and a little bit of a revamp going on. Tomorrow I have 2 saddle bags to complete, one of which is new the other is a 'Betty' bag.

Another pre-Christmas kindle cover order.

Saturday we are going out with family to celebrate both mine and C's birthdays (C's was today, Happy Birthday Babe xxx) but I am hoping to sneak a little bit of sewing at some point.

I did think that January maybe a quiet month as far as orders were concerned but its been quite busy and they are still coming in. Kindle covers are still very popular hence the photo above. Thank you Amazon for creating the Kindle, its certainly kept me very busy over Christmas.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


32 today, how the hell did that happen :D Its been a lovely relaxing day, breakfast courtesy of my very lovely other half and a huge bouquet of flowers. Lots of beautiful cards (thanks everyone) and some very thoughtful gifts (thanks Rach xx).

To say I feel different would be silly, but I feel like this year I have to step up to the mark on being 'grown' up. I dont think that has anything to do with a birthday just more to do with current events. I feel happy and content :D Happy Birthday me!!

Off to have a Sunday roast and a spot of Birthday cake!! Nom Nom!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Starting the year with a BANG!!

Wow, January.....quieten down please you're a little too rowdy for the first month of the year for my liking thank you!

I wasn't quite sure what 2012 was going to hold in store for me but I sure as hell wasn't expecting things to happen as quickly as the first month, whats that all about. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate change even when its good, I don't like feeling unsettled and absolutely hate not knowing whats happening.

Most of it is personal stuff, its not life threatening and its not sad, but its still BIG. I'm going to keep most of it to myself (if that's OK with you) and will do the very best I can to keep business going as usual. I've had a week where I feel like someone has tipped me upside down and emptied all of my contents onto the floor and I'm trying to put them back in there one by one, whilst having one hand tied behind my back and running backwards on a treadmill. Interesting hey?

I know one thing for sure, I'm going to embrace it and see what happens, I'm a firm believer in 'what will be will be' and that 'all things happen for a reason'. I don't really want to spend time and energy stressing about any of the detail I'd rather focus on the good points. Does that make sense?

Its always good to re-evaluate life and where you're headed right? This is the next chapter and who knows where it will take me from here. I'm secretly hoping somewhere really good :D I have lots of support around me and I think that's all I need.

So I say to you January, you may hold my 32nd birthday in your hands but I'm well and truly ready for it and any other sticks you'd like to jam in my bicycle wheels!! Oh yes I am ready!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas makes

Do you ever feel like there are so many ideas in your head that it might just explode?

Well I am very much feeling like that today. Betsie my trusted sewing machine is out getting a service and I'm feeling a little lost without her :( So I've been spending my afternoon writing some lists and planning out the next couple of weeks makes wise.

I thought I'd share with you some of the Christmas orders I'd been working on pre 2012. More lovely Kindle covers.

Another dragonfly motif in greens this time, very pretty. I also made a saddle bag for my Mam for
Christmas and a fabric Bucket for my lovely friend Rachel, both I forgot to photo before I wrapped them :( I must stop doing that. I lost count of how many gingerbread men I made, I think I stopped counting at 124. They have been pushed aside for now but I have some plans for those little guys in a few months time :D

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hey there 2012!!

The start to 2012 didn't go quite as I'd hoped. Being ill since the day before Christmas eve was not planned nor was it dragging on into 2012. This is most probably the result of working flat out all year and then comes the dread flu.

However I think I can excuse this fact due to 2011 over all being a pretty fantastic year with lots of seeds planted for 2012. Today I spent an hour or so reading through 2011's blog did all that really happen??? My high lights would have to be joining to raise funds for the Japan Earth Quake Appeal and the Riot Raffle, learning to make and decorate cupcakes (a little self indulgent), my SBS win from Theo Paphitis (oh and the fact he loved my Gingerbread men) and my first advert in Elle Magazine.

I have high hopes for resolutions just lots of wishes.

Happy New Year to you all, here's to a happy and prosperous forthcoming year. And that all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled.