Sunday, 13 September 2015

Holi-bobs and painting jobs

As you were all probably getting ready for the children to go back to school or recuperating from the last bank holiday of the year....ours was very quiet. Although it was quiet we were still very busy. Before the weather starts to turn we're having all the windows and facias of the house painted. So while the weather was still mild this weekend we primed all the parts we could physically reach. Its amazing what a change of colour can do. The front door (top right photo) is currently primer white but it is going to be the most decadent heritage grey colour. The inside is already painted the colour and I truly love it. We seemed to have turned a corner with our home, its gone from being someone elses vision to having a huge personality injected into it. There is still a little way to go yet but it really starting to feel like 'us'.

I accidentally discovered on a trip to Wilko's these delicious dark chocolate mint M&M's, I'm sure there are many of you shouting out there "WHHHAAATTT how have you not seen these before?" but I genuinely haven't, one bag and I'm hooked!!! Maybe the green is a little reminiscent of Superman's kryptonite.....I feel his pain!! Eating healthy has been pretty easy until these green monsters came into my life. Must resist, must resist!

Speaking of eating healthy, after being a huge fan of Lorraine Pascale for a long time I was ecstatic to see that she has released a new book called "Eating healthy made easy"! I haven't attempted to make anything from it yet but the recipes sound utterly delicious and uber healthy without being pretentious or too complicated. Next on my list is to invest in a Nutribullet. So far I have lost a stone, which I'm still reeling from, I wanted to lose a couple of lbs before my holiday (only 8 days left to go) but never thought it would take me to a stone lighter. I feel full of energy and a lot happier in myself. My aim now is to maintain my weight but continue on the healthy eating route.

Last week I watched the final episode of Falling Skies, I only really got into this TV series when I was ill in the Spring. I managed to wade my way through 3 series in a week, and couldn't wait for the 4th. I was a little sad to hear that season 5 would be the last but couldn't wait to see what happened. If you haven't watched and are into Sci-fi then I'd really recommend it.

My other exciting news is that we have a new car, we never planned to replace my little Fiesta just yet but I've had her for 8 1/2 years and when the bill for repairs is double the worth of the car it's time to get a new one. So we popped into a local garage to test drive an Astra (bottom left photo) and ended up putting down a deposit 😳 its strange not driving Dolly but I'm sure I'm slowly getting used to the new one.

Hopefully the next time I post I will be well rested from my holidays, which I totally cant wait for, I think I'm going to burst with excitement before next week!!! Not having a holiday for 4 years will do this to a person :D ha ha. See you all soon xxx