Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Bunnies Egg Cosy Tutorial

I thought it was time to post this tutorial in full again since its Easter weekend. I know some of you will have already seen this but I made some this week and instead of felt tummies and ears I used some funky fabric. I'll post photos of them soon, meanwhile enjoy this simple and fun tutorial :) 

Hoppy Easter everyone!!

Materials you will need:
Lovely soft squares of felt of your choice
Embroidery threads
Your templates
Brads (for eyes)

Additional Materials:
Buttons, Ribbon, and anything else you like
Trick Marker

Take your templates and using your Trick Marker, draw out your pieces.
You will need:
X2 Main body pieces
X1 Front head
X1 Back head
X1 Chest piece
X1 Puffy Tail
X2 Ear pieces
Small nose piece (you don’t need a template for this just cut out a small oval shape)

Now you have all your pieces, take the chest piece and place on one of the body pieces so that it sits at the bottom, like below. Pin in place.

Using a running stitch take contrasting coloured embroidery thread and sew the chest piece to the body.

Now take your front head piece and place the earpieces like below and pin in place. Again using a running stitch sew onto the head piece.

Which should look like this....

Now take your puffy tail, pin to the other body piece (which will be the back of your bunny) and sew in place.

Once you have all your pieces, you need to place the front and back of the head on top of the body pieces so that they overlap slightly....

And pin in place.

Next take your front of your bunny and carefully sew the nose just on the very bottom of the head. Be gentle with it small pieces of felt can be quite fragile (bless).

Now, if you know how to blanket stitch then great, if you don’t here is a brief explanation, I learnt by watching videos on YouTube, search for ‘how to blanket stitch’.
You are going to blanket stitch the bottom edge of the front and back pieces of your bunny.

a) knot the end of your thread and from the back insert your needle about 0.5cm from the edge and bottom and pull through, reinsert your needle close to where you have just been and pull through to the back making a loop.

  • b) Now thread your needle through the loop.

    c) And pull tight (not too tight though or you will squash your felt).

    d) Reinsert your needle from the back about 0.5cm along from your first stitch

    e) Slot your needle through the loop and pull tight.

    f) Carry on all the way along the bottom until you get to 0.5cm away from the end and tie your thread off.

    This is what your finished stitching should look like, don’t worry mine was awful the first few attempts but once you get the hang of it it’s easy.

    Now using your Trick Marker again, mark two dots where you want the eyes to be.

    Take your brads and push through the felt until they are flat, turn your bunny over....

    ....and separate the brad until it lies completely flat on the reverse side. Repeat with the second brad.

    Now take both of your bunny pieces, right sides facing out and pin together.

    This will make it easier keeping it in place while you sew right round the edge of your bunny.

    Again use the trusty old running stitch and sew from the bottom corner of your bunny right round the ears to the other corner, ensuring you don’t sew up the bottom.

    Now if you find this bit a little tricky then sew the head pieces in place after you have sewn the nose on when the pieces are separate.

    And there you go, one Easter bunny egg cosy!!

    You can add all sorts of embellishments to make your bunnies look jazzy, I had great fun playing around with them.