Sunday, 31 July 2011

I did it!!

And in a very respectable 36 mins, which is actually a personal best for me. Please ignore the the red sweaty mess in the photo above :) It was soooo hot today especially when the sun was out. This was the first time I had run the Holme Pierrepont course and have to say that I preferred it to the Victoria Embankment one that I normally do. The course was set round the huge lake and as expected it was packed.

It felt a little strange being on my own to race but C was there to stand with me until the warm up and then he went and positioned himself at the finish line. I happily joined in the warm up and didn't feel on my own as there were lots of groups of ladies around me laughing and chatting and once it was time for the start I felt quite humbled and emotional. Such an uplifting experience but so sad to read all the back signs with Mothers, Daughters, Father's, Sons, Aunts, Uncles and friends who had been lost to Cancer. Anne (my Mam's best friend) was in my mind as I passed the start line.

I had noted what time I passed over the start line, and was quite surprised at my time as I crossed over the finish line. As always I received a medal, a goody bag and a well needed bottle of water.

C gave me a congratulatory hug and we walked slowly back to the car. After scoffing the Special K bites that were in the goody bag and gulping the water down we headed for home. My legs felt a little wobbly this afternoon but that didn't matter. I felt a sense of pride today, £370 going to a most worthy cause and I would do it again. Sorry rephrase that, will be doing it again. A huge thank you to all of the people that sponsored me, I am very grateful.

A good day indeed :D

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Race for Life 2011

Tomorrow I will be taking part in the Holme Pierrepont Race for Life. Unfortunately this year I will be doing it on my own, however I'm sure I will be able to coach myself round the course no problem. C will be there to watch me set off and arrive over the finish line (in a reasonable time I hope). If you would like to support Cancer Research and sponsor me for taking part in the race there is a link in my side bar to the right. Even if you can only spare a couple of £ its all going to go to a fantastic cause and hopefully a cure one day.

I'm doing quite well so far with sponsors, a very generous donation from my Dad and lots of sponsors from my workplace which is nice. The weather report for tomorrow is suggesting it might be as high as 23 degrees.....shhhheessshh I think there is a danger I might melt into a pile of mush!!! :) So here is hoping for a little bit of cloud.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


What I would give to rewind to our 5 days in Madrid *sigh*, dream on woman!! 5 days of glorious sunshine, relaxation and doing pretty much what we pleased. Here are some snap shots that I took on our trip. Not my usual way of posting photos but I thought they made them look more interesting :) hopefully.

Our night at Las Ventas for Redbull XFighters 2011 was fantastic, and with it being the 10 year anniversary that just made it all the more spectacular. I swear we were almost deaf when we left the Bull ring, I don't think I have ever experienced anything else like it. Its official I love the Spanish!! :D

We spent our days walking in the sunshine and doing some of the touristy stuff we didn't get round to doing last time. We even went on the cable cars which was a little scary at first but the view was amazing. I loved the botanical gardens and couldn't resist another visit to Retiro Park (that's it in the photo of me stood in front of the boating lake). I'm hoping that C will not notice the photo of us sneaked in (he doesn't like me posting photos of him so shhhhhhh don't say a word ;) lol) We had such a lovely time it was over too quick and back to the good old British weather. Peeing down when we got off the plane, what a welcome home!

Only one thing left to say : Madrid = B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

*sneaks in quietly*

(Wonder if anyone notices I'm here?)

I'm back, well I've been back since Monday but various things have kept me away from my blog. Madrid was wonderful, I always feel at home in places with a warmer climate and I'm so much more relaxed when the sun is shining. I will write a proper post about what we did later in the week.

I thought that when I returned from holiday so would my creative mojo......I waited and waited and waited.....but nothing! So I have filled the week with other 'jobs' that needed doing in the hope it would come back on its own. Boring bits out of the way were the holiday washing and the mountain of ironing that has been gradually building up for the last month, generally just pottering about in the house. Fun 'jobs' today were making these delicious cupcakes (my new found hobby) and doing a stock take of bags and making sure my website is up to date.

Tomorrow I'm travelling up North for a short break to help my Mam choose a dress for my Nephew's wedding which is in a couple of weeks. And the cupcakes are travelling with me. Looking forward to some family time with my Mam and Step Dad Ian. As always the time will go over too quick.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

....and then.....

This is my last post checking in with you all for a few days. I'm off on my holidays and wont be back until next week. If you pop over to my website you will see a whole load of new items added this week *hint : check out the new clutch bags and purses....too cute*.

So excited to get some sun and relax, have some beer and sangria and eat lots of Tapas :)

Verlos a todos pronto, Viva Espania!! x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Just thought I'd do a quick post and show you one of the birthday cupcakes I made on Saturday. Sorry its not a group shot, we were in a hurry and I didn't have time and they were all scoffed :D

Monday, 11 July 2011

Just in time for the Summer

This is Florentine and she is also now available from my website. She can be worn full length across the body or as a shoulder bag at the shortest. I am now the proud owner of a Betty Bag. Lovely spacious bag to (shove) put all my daily essentials and more. Well I did think it was about time that I carried one of my own creations, its pretty shameful that I haven't up until now.

I'm even taking her with me to Madrid next week, 5 days in beautiful Madrid. We will also be going to see Red Bull XFighters at Las Ventas again, really looking forward to that. Not only will it be 1 year since C proposed it will be a chance for us to spend quality time together. This year has been pretty manic, the time has gone over so quick because everyday has been filled with a multitude of tasks.

I have been busy this weekend making a bag for an order, some purses for a trade order I'm sending out this week and some very pink birthday cupcakes for C's Aunties birthday. *Note to self: must buy other colourings than pink.* They were vanilla with pink frosting and pale pink and white flowers and butterflies......Oh yes and a heap load of edible glitter!!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

What's new?

Today has been my first proper day back in the studio. Two weeks break is far too long for me I was starting to think that my creative mojo was slipping away. I am the type of person where once I am in the swing of things I can get addicted to the task in hand but when I've had a break from something I find it really hard to get motivated again.

(Louisa shoulder bag)

So whats new with me?? Well yesterday I listed some new bags onto my website, this is my Louisa shoulder bag. I love this retro print. This afternoon I tried to kick start my mojo by writing a plan and a list of To Do's and then I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting out fabric and interfacing for lots of new purses and the last Helena shoulder bag which was sold yesterday. It felt good to be back on the crafty horse :)

(Jane slouch bag)

I have a whole weekend of sewing planned so if that doesn't get the creative juices flowing then nothing will.

(Marie Louise shoulder bag)

(Emma slouch bag)

I am also making another batch of cupcakes on Saturday for C's Auntie Pat, this time unsupervised so lets see how they turn out. I have all the kit now, part bought from Strawberry Cupcakes after the course and the other bits and bobs came from HobbyCraft and The Range.

Having two weeks break from sewing allowed me to step back and think about things, a little too much I think :/ I have spent my budget for shows this year already, if Bath had turned out better then maybe I could have squeezed another in later on in the year. But for now I am concentrating on Trade and advertising my website. So if you are feeling generous please mention me and my bags to your friends and family and point them in the direction of my website. Thanks :D

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cupcake Course

I've been bursting to tell you what I had been up to early on Saturday morning but things just kept getting in the way. Anyway I am here now.....

(the venue : The Grange)

Quite some time ago, you may remember me telling you that C bought me a Groupon Voucher for my birthday, half a days cupcake making/decorating course with Strawberry Cupcakes. Since I had only just made my second batch of cupcakes ever, I couldn't wait to go and learn some skills.

I arrived just before 9am (start time) and joined the other course members for a cup of tea (how lovely), once everyone was accounted for we were introduced to the very lovely Jeaniene and Emma (nope it wasn't me helping) and had a brief induction. We were then lead into what I was going to say the 'training room' but it was a lovely bright and airy room with lovely windows that looked out onto The Grange entrance so it was more cheery than just a training room.

(end result)

Jeaniene took the main part of the class with Emma helping and they were the most entertaining teachers. Very relaxed atmosphere where you felt you could really have a go and not be too bothered about getting it wrong.

(a better view of the sugar flowers)

Firstly we made the cupcake mixture, piped it into our lovely coloured cases and these were then ushered off to the oven for baking (*tip : remember what colour cases you have). Then out came the sugar paste and dyes. I have to say I cant remember the last time I had so much fun, I love learning new skills, especially when they are artistic ones. We dived right in with butterflies and sugar roses.....

(unfortunately they have all been eaten)

I think it was at this point (I cant remember as I was having way to much fun) we stopped for a break, another cuppa AND one of the delicious cupcakes that had been made by Jeaniene. I picked a toffee one and I tell you what I could have eaten a dozen!!! We then went on to learn how to mix and pipe butter cream frosting and as you can see from the photos (yes these are the ones that I actually made with my hands) we even made stripey frosting! The cupcakes were ready and cooled and we decorated them with our sugared fancies.

I have to say that I never thought they would turn out this good, I really surprised myself and had a ball doing it. C said I was beaming with pride when I returned home with a dozen cupcakes and even he was impressed with my new found skills.

If you do live in the Nottinghamshire area and fancy having a great time and learning how to decorate your own cupcakes you can find all the details here on Strawberry Cupcakes Website. If you cant stretch to the full price of the course then keep your eyes peeled on the coupons websites to get a great deal. Please bare in mind that Jeaniene provides you with all the ingredients and the utensils and is a great teacher to boot, so well worth it for a treat. Go on get nagging your other half to buy it as a gift!

Verdict: Brilliant opportunity to learn how to decorate cupcakes with a friendly and talented tutor, no need to bring anything just yourself, leave brimming with pride and a dozen cupcakes!!! What a fantastic day out!!!