Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Now that I'm finally getting myself organised I thought you might like to see my very neat (that wont last long!) storage room. Its petite and cosy and needed some serious tidying. At one point you could barely get the door open and you certainly couldn't stand in the room.

Now everything has been sorted, all my fabrics are now neatly folded (again will last all of 5 minutes when I start rummaging for something) in these really great plastic storage units that I bought from Homebase. The other plastic storage boxes are from Ikea.

Now there is room to swing a cat (not that I would, I love my kitties) I wonder how long this organised neatness will last.....?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Into the New

Happy New Year everyone!!

I normally do a 'best bits' of the previous year round about this time, however I've decided not to this year. Most of my year was dominated by the house move as you all know, so I thought I would just post about what I'm looking forward to for 2013 and my 'promises' to myself.

I promise to:
Smile more, complain less, make more, plan better, dress up, exercise, do less overtime (that I don't get paid for), keep in touch with friends more, visit family more often, listen to my heart more (rather than my head) and relax more.

I thought my post needed some photos so here are some of the very popular hairbands that I made for the recent Christmas fairs I attended. Sold out in an hour........
Aren't they cute? I'm currently making a load to list on my website. I love the red, white and blue ones, very British.
I'm very much looking forward to what will be in 2013, the main one being settling in to our home properly, baking and cooking more and generally taking the time to enjoy life, time goes over too quick and it seems to be all about the preparing and not actually taking in the events. And of course making lots of new bags and other cute and fun bits and bobs.
What are you looking forward to in 2013 and have you made any promises to yourself?