Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Up and running.....yipppeee

Well at long last I have master the art of the Blog!! :o)

A long time coming too.....I've been looking for a while for a way to document everything I do with Bagladee and how it progresses.

A bit of history behind Bagladee.......

I took a degree in Fashion and Textiles many moons ago and for some bizarre reason decided not to go into the Fashion Industry after I graduated. After finally settling in a sales job I craved the need to be creative again and started to design the odd thing here and there.

First creation must have been a small khaki padded bag, which progressed into various bags and then an attempt at what I could only call a gigantic sofa bean bag!! And if my memory serves me right it was 3 metres x 2 metres!!!!

But it was the bags that were my favourite.

Now I have a 16 bag strong collection which I am very proud of......All patterned fabrics are sourced especially for their distinctive prints that are produced in limited yardage. Just to make them extra special.

They make great gifts for friends and family.........as I know. They can vouch for the one off design bags I have given them as presents.

I am currently designing 2 new styles of bag, small clutch and executive lap top bag as well as doing some trials of applique felt flower brooches which can be worn separate or be attached to your bag.

Well I think I have gone on enough now.........keep looking for further updates and news.

http://www.bagladee.com/ coming soon!!!!!!!

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