Monday, 29 October 2012

A new chapter...

I always knew that moving house would be one of the most stressful things I would ever endure in my life but I never spared a thought of how my very usual routines would completely fall out of sync.
I've found it quite difficult 'getting back on the horse' so to speak. Mainly due to the nice shiny house I have to play with ;) but its been such a massive upheaval for us all it took me a while to find my feet.
I'm starting to feel more settled now and after my final 10 'Theo' Gingerbread are completed tonight I will be throwing myself full speed into catching up on my order list (which is humongous) and my prep for the 2 craft fairs I signed myself up for pre move.
Since my last post showed you my old studio and my departure, I thought it only right to show you my new creative space. Now bare with me, the word is in the pun, it is a little bare but I'm sure once I start making stuff in there it will start to feel more 'me'. The ceiling height is larger and the space more usable than the last, I have a lovely big velux window which lets in the most amazing natural light and plenty of space to actually put up a full size ironing board (not possible in my last studio).

There was of course the ritual outing to IKEA to pick up some extra storage (which I had great fun organising) and that's me in.
One photo I haven't shown you yet is that on the same floor I have 'baggsied' the walk in wardrobe as my new 'storage cupboard' where all my fabric is stored with a few other treasures. Once this space is organised (and not a total tip) I will show you that too.
So now you've seen my new creative space, let the creating begin.........


  1. You've got a walk-in wardrobe ??!!!! WELL JEL !! xxxx

  2. I last moved 12 years ago and vowed it was the last. I have been as good as my word so far.
    The settling in bit fun however, and the extra space will be great too.

  3. yes moving is very stressful! we moved two years ago and it was a nightmare!
    love the storage shelf, all my fabrics are stored in boxes,mind you pretty flowered boxes though.
    Josie x

  4. Good luck with the moving!! This Ikea furniture looks great in this room :)


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