Wednesday, 27 February 2013


That was the sound of the last 2 weeks whizzing past me. I have no idea where February has gone let alone the last 6 months, which is how long we're been living in our beautiful 'new' home. 

I finally feel settled and content now and there are so many to do lists I'm almost making a to do list about the to do lists :D ha ha! A lovely friend of mine is coming to stay this weekend (waves at Andrea) so I'm planning on chattering lots, relaxing, drink some vino, maybe more that just some ;) and enjoying a tasty meal on Saturday. 

There has been lots of sewing going on here at Bagladee's new HQ's so I'm planning on another website session next week. Oh yes and I've received another custom order for a completely new style of bag, which is very exciting, the sketch is lovely just hope I can transfer that into constructing the pattern too. 

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