Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hot ideas

I am now the proud owner of my very own hot glue gun :) the last time I used one of these I was at college. After seeing a tutorial on a blog somewhere (I will try and find it again and post the link) I thought 'Oooooh I bet I could make something cute for the Christmas markets I'm doing' and to be honest I wanted one to wear myself. 

So I popped over to Hobbycraft and bought one of their mini glue guns and the glue sticks were buy one pack get one free. I also stocked up on some gingerbread men coloured felt. Unfortunately I bought the wrong trick markers, dont ask me how I managed this, my brain must have been somewhere else other than inside my head. And whilst I was rummaging through the clearance bins I managed to cut my finger on a rotary cutter which had fallen out of its packaging. Well it was Friday 13th. 

Hope you all made it through Friday 13th without any drama?


  1. Ooh, I want a glue gun! They should have given it to you for free as compensation for cutting your finger! Rxx

  2. I love my glue gun. In fact I was looking for it earlier today. Unfortunately when tidying previously I have put it 'somewhere safe' and have no clue where that safe place is...! Sorry to hear about your cut finger. (where there is blame, there is a claim!! lol) Sue x

  3. I use my mini glue gun a lot. I was going to say be careful of the hot glue but the rotary cutter got there first. Nasty thing to cut yourself on, really it should not have been put in a bin where customers would be putting their hand into. Hope it heals quickly.

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