Friday, 25 October 2013

Just words....

This time I'm here with words no pictures, but I feel like I have to explain why no pictures. I decided quite sometime ago that my time was precious and with lots to get done everyday (including a full time job) my time needed to be managed more productively.

This meant concentrating more on quality rather than quantity, so in times past I used to be here often chatting away about this and that, this fell to the bottom of my list. Sadly I feel like I've lost touch in the blogging world. I'm still popping by and reading all the blogs I follow through Bloglovin and do sometimes comment. But I dont feel like I'm 'connecting' anymore.

I love to post photos of the things I make which I am still doing, but I think trying to keep my blog 'business' related only I have lost what I set out to acheive when I started this blog. I wanted to connect with like minded people and be part of a community, now although I still do connect with some of you out there and mainly through emails and facebook, I miss here. Does that make sense?

I used to come here to call on you all for advice and constructive critisim or mainly just to rant about daily goings on.

If you're still reading this post I thank you :)

I've decided I'm going back to what I do best.....waffling and faffing. So here goes, want to know what Emma has been up to?

Well I still dislike my day job, not hate any more as personal circumstances have made me appreciate it for what it is, I kinda class this as an epiphany as I was so angry at the fact I was doing a job I hated. It was quite honestly making me miserable. I got over that and boy has it made things easier!!

We moved house almost exactly a year ago, cant believe its been a year! The journey to buy this house has not been easy by any mean feat and were still not 100% there, cant say much about it all yet but I'm hoping there will be some resolve soon. Nell made a full recovery from having 11 teeth removed and is brighter and more active than ever. What felt like the worst thing to do at the time turned out to be the right thing to do.

Tomorrow will be 11years since C and I had our very first date and yes *blushes* our first kiss :D I have bought him the most adorable card (I'll share that with you later) and we are going to our favourite curry house "The Bridge and Bay leaf" for a meal. I dont know where I'd be without C he's been so supportive and encouraging with Bagladee. At times where I've felt overwhelmed by everything he's been there to say don't give up! He's even said he's looking forward to keeping me company at the Christmas Markets this year.

Best update you on Bagladee too ;) as you will have seen there has been and is a lot of making going on at the moment. Prep for the Christmas Markets and orders are certainly keeping me busy. And as usual the gingerbread men are flying out the door. I've even been able to squeeze in some new products, more about that coming soon.

Right well I think I've bored you all enough for now....hope you agree its good to have the old me back?

Ooooh and one more thing, painted my nails lime green today ;) more waffle.



  1. That's not waffle at all !!! I love to hear what you've been up to. I always think blogs about stuff like that are so much more interesting than just boring old business talk - I feel much the same as you ..... that everything has become far too business-related and not enough "me, me, me" !!

    Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book ;) xxx

  2. Everybody goes through times like this with their blogs (you know I'm going through similar at the moment too!) so don't worry about that.It's great to have you back here, though! Glad to hear Nell is much better now, our furry babies are so important to us, aren't they? Congratulations on 11 years with C, hope you have a lovely evening together!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Hi Emma,
    I feel the same about my blog, not knowing why so many visit but few comment and it was the interaction of a blog which attracted me in the first place. Congratulations on 11 years have a great evening out.

  4. Sorry to hear how you're feeling about blogging, but I hope you don't stop!
    Congratulations on 11years with C, hope you enjoy many more together :)

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