Sunday, 6 April 2014

Box it up....

Perfect solution to pretty storage! These storage boxes I actually designed for myself quite some time ago. I had asked my lovely friend Rachel to make me a sewing machine mat for my work desk out of some very gorgeous sewing themed fabric. Since there was quite a decent amount of fabric left over I made 3 storage boxes for all my threads.

So here they are available for you all to pretty up your workspace/dressing table/bathroom, or you can fill them with goodies and give away as gifts. 

Of course there is a sewing themed set for you sewing ladies out there, but only one set available.

All the box sets have been added to my website here FABRIC STORAGE BOXES

I'm currently working on a special order for some Office storage boxes for a lovely lady called Kirstin, which include a very large version of these fabric boxes. I'll show you some photos once they are finished.

And if you are reading this Rachel, my sewing mat is still one of my most prized possessions in my sewing room :D thank you xx

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