Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pearls, sausages and waffle....

So whilst my sausage casserole is cooking nicely in the oven I thought I'd stop by, yes I do have some lovely photos for you to.

But first a little bit of waffle :D Week number 3 in the new day job.....still loving it, its very busy and a little bit un-organised (on my part) but I'm starting to find my feet now. It makes such a difference liking my job, My head is constantly buzzing with ideas and I'm not as tired as I was in my previous job. Big tick!

This week we have also had to have our lovely garden dug up to move an electrical cable, very long and boring story, but the main thing is that its almost done and hopefully it wont be too long before the grass grows again. I've had a week or so aimlessly wandering around (in my mind) as to what to make, I always feel like that after I've completed custom orders. I think the discipline of working to someone else's specifications keeps me focused but as soon as that's complete I seem to drift about for a short amount of time. Maybe its just my way of re grouping my thoughts etc.

Any way want to see some of the orders I've been working on???? Yeah, OK then....

I absolutely love this clutch bag, I was asked to make something with a shoulder strap in black so it could be worn with many different outfits. 

It was for a 60th Birthday and needed to have soemething 'pearl' on it. So I bought these gorgeous pearl and rhinestone buttons which give the bag a very classy look.

I wanted to pick something fun for the lining inside (I cant resist putting patterned fabrics somewhere) I found this monochrome floral print in my stash.....

What do you think??? 

I received a lovely thank you card from the lady who ordered it for her Mam who loved it.

I have lots of these frames in stock so I'm off to see if I can order some duchess satin in bright pink :D well you know me, I do like brights!!

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