Sunday, 24 August 2014


Where have I been do you ask? Well, as always I feel like life is a speeding bus and I'm running behind trying to jump on the back. Failing terribly, but hey ho here I am.

So this last week both Mr.B and I have been off work. We have spent the whole week, with a few treats inbetween, making improvements to our home. We've only waited two years for the privilege of calling it ours.

This was my first task, to fill, sand and paint the ground floor banister. What do you think? 

We're almost at the end of our break from our day jobs and we've managed to get quite a lot done but there is still so much to do. Rome wasn't built in a day, so I will take comfort in the fact that we have plenty time to get everything done. 

Before we started working on the house I was having a sewing block, I was really struggling to motivate myself. Taking a step away from sewing completly really has helped. I think sometimes you need to take a break and focus on something totally different. Next week I plan on getting right back into it by cracking on with the new patterns I've designed. I purposely put these on the back burner til it felt right again. 

It feels right so I'm getting back on that crafty horse and cracking the whip ;) 

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  1. Your banister looks great! Glad you feel ready to sew again, too.


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