Friday, 14 November 2014


Oh I've only just realised I missed last Saturday's post!! We had a visit from my Dad so we had a nice relaxing weekend, no decorating and no work.

Still working my way through my gingerbread army, this weeks parcels have been jetting off to USA, Canada, Australia and a few for the UK.

I'll be taking the day off tomorrow to go to the Christmas Market at the Round House in Derby with my friend Andrea.

I'm so excited to be going to a Christmas Market as a buyer rather than a seller. I cant remember the last time I did.....

I've been saving my pennies up so that I can buy some Christmas presents and of course support designers and makers like myself. They even have a vintage tea room and a Prosecco bar!!! I've started to feel a little Christmassy this week, well its hard not to when you're making Christmas decorations, so this will really get me into the festive spirit.

Maybe I will even think about signing up for next years ;)

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