Sunday, 18 January 2015


Here's to a very belated Happy New Year to you all. So then that was 2014 done and dusted. Christmas seems like a distant memory already. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on 2015. I have closed the door on a few events from last year and I'm excited about moving forward. I've never really been one for looking back so here's to a fun filled, adventurous year.

I opened my 'new' order book and first in line was this campervan bag, admittedly this one is for my Mam but she has been waiting patiently since Summer last year so it's only right this one be the first new bag of 2015. 

It's a new shaped satchel type bag. I never really have names for the style if bags I design, as I make all my patterns from scratch it's just what comes to mind whilst sketching. I predominately think about practicality and then begin to add little details as the pattern progresses.

I really love this polka dot material and thought it added a little fun to the muted colours of the campervan fabric.

One thing I promised myself for this year was that I would push myself as far as I could with design. I've always wanted to add piping to my bags. I have a well known branded bag I was bought as a gift some time ago and I love the fact it has chunky piping along the seams. To be totally honest I was absolutely petrified about trying it out. 

So far it's looking great, still a way to go but once I've got the hang of it I'll be feeling a lot more confident. It's a slow and steady approach for the moment.

My order book is already filled to March but I'm looking forward to an opportunity to pick a fabric myself and create one that I can offer for sale.

I'll pop back and show you some more progress soon 😊
Enjoy he rest of the weekend. x 


  1. Love the fabrics you're using! Can't wait to see how the finished bag looks!
    Maria x

  2. My order book is already loaded to Goal but I'm looking forward to an probability to choose a material myself and make one that I can put up on the market.

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