Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter break

Happy Easter to you all, hope you're having a fabulous long weekend. We've just arrived back from visiting my parents for the weekend and got to catch up with my nephew and his wife and my adorable great-nephew. It was lovely to have the family together. Ashamedly I was bearing Christmas gifts too that had not been given, I know, I know it's April and only 8 1/2 months til Christmas....but this is how unorganised I have been of late (now don't punish me for saying the 'C' word!! :D).

Anyway it was a lovely couple of days and now I'm back home it's time to get things back in order here. It's quite possible that every item of clothing I own is either in the washing pile or the ironing basket so maybe that's the first hurdle to jump over? Then there's the garden needs sorting out, weeds and all that. And of course there is lots of sewing to catch up on and let's face it I would much rather be spending the rest of my bank holiday off sewing lovely things but first things first lets get life back on track! 

Oh by the way the top picture are the finished photos I took of Rachel's bag before it went off on its travels to her. I really do love the fabric combo.

On the journey back last night we picked up these at the services. This was Mr.B's and my treat to ourselves for Easter....fair swap for eggs I thought hmmmm nom!!! 

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