Friday, 15 May 2015

If I were... make a bag for myself this is probably what it would look like. Although I didn't pick this fabric, my customer did, I love it!!!! Its a perfect combo for Summer.

To co-ordinate with the silvery grey flowers in the pattern of the main bag I chose a silver grey lining with a leaf pattern....

And now I have mastered the zippered pocket (as mentioned on my big To Do list) here is another, on the other side of the lining is a slip pocket perfect sizing for popping your mobile phone in.

 And hidden away inside the zippered pocket is a surprise everytime....this time turquoise polka dots!!

I'm really loving making these new style satchel bags and cant wait to make one for myself.......if I ever get round to it lol :D


  1. It's a gorgeous bag. Do you use a commercial pattern or is it one of your own invention?


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