Thursday, 9 July 2015

Skinny Mint : Update

So I am now on day 10 of the 14 day Starter pack of the Skinny Mint teatox. I thought that I wasn't going to like it to be honest, as I said before I'm not really a 'herbal' tea drinker, I love a good cup of builders tea or you are mostly likely to see me with a cup of coffee in my hand.

I have to say that I am really enjoying the morning boost tea, I love the taste and even more so I love how energised I feel since starting the teatox.

I am definitely not a morning person, I start my day job at 7am and it always takes me about an hour and a couple of coffees to get me into some sort of cohesive state and sometimes I can be, shall we say 'a little moody' or sharp until at least mid morning. God I sound like a right moody cow....I'm not like this everyday I'd just like to add :D

My usual routine would be to get in and log into the works system then go make a coffee. I've now replaced this with the morning boost tea and boy what a difference. I've felt more awake this week than I have in quite sometime, I've also felt more cleared headed, less fuzzy and overall generally in a better mood and state of mind. So for me the morning boost tea is a winner for sure.

The night cleanse tea however, I still cannot get away with the taste, I'm not saying its awful its just not my thing. its very gingery and has peppermint in it too, I really don't like peppermint tea :( but I've been persevering with it to see what the results are. It does make you feel really relaxed and sleepy which was a nice bonus, its really helping me wind down before bed.

Please remember that while doing this teatox I am exercising too, I try to fit in x2 40min sessions of Zumba a week but I'm not dieting I'm just trying to eat a little more fruit and veg. I have been losing a teeny bit of weight here and there over the last couple of months but when I weighed myself this week I had actually lost 2lbs!!! Am I seeing any difference though? YES!! I am no longer feeling bloated and have lost an inch or so from my waist and I have noticed my muffin top has reduced. And one of my work colleagues asked me today "Have you lost weight?". So this evening I have gone ahead and ordered another of the 14 day pack to complete the full 28 day teatox. I'm interested to see what difference doing the whole course will be.

They only recommend that you detox 3 times a year with a break in between each detox but you can however still carry on drinking the morning boost tea. If I find that after I complete the teatox I'm starting to become lethargic again I think I will invest in a pack of just the morning boost.

I've even managed to persuade my Mam to try it too, so it will be interesting to see what results it has for her. I will pop back in a few more days or so and let you know how I'm getting on. Would you be interested in seeing some before/after photos or not? 

Oh yes and I would just like to also add there has been some sewing going on here at Bagladee HQ but I will tell you ball about that later. 

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