Friday, 13 November 2015


OK well here I am again, playing that age old game of blog catch up. This is what you get when you can never find anything to blog about and then low and behold it all comes at once. If there was ever an award for sporadic blogging I'd be right up at the top. 

So please excuse the fact that this post is from Halloween, if you are a follower of Instagram then you will have already seen these photos. I've always been a huge fan of Halloween, mainly because I like a damn good excuse for decorating the house and behaving like a 10 year old all over again.

We did our best to make the front of the house as spooky looking as we could and it has vastly improved from last years efforts. Mr. B added the red light to make it look a bit more sinister, but I was worried we would be giving people the wrong impression of what we were offering ha ha ha. Maybe a red light would have been better if it were green :D

I cant take any praise for this years pumpkin as Mr.B took care of it. Didn't he do a grand job of it. I covered the huge log with cobwebs and added a tarantula....we also had a flashing "BEWARE" sign on our gate but I couldn't  get a good photograph of it. 

We had quite a few children from the village on the hunt for treats and they had all made a fantastic effort of dressing up. We let Mr. Pumpkin head burn right throughout the night and reluctantly decided to put him in the bin 4days later. I did however roast the pumpkin seeds on the afternoon and they were delicious. I'd never thought about roasting them before but noticed that quite a few people in blog land were doing it so I thought why not give it a go!! 

I'll post the easy instructions at some point if you're interested?

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