Sunday, 17 December 2017


We Hello my lovelies, well what a lovely couple of days we've had. We had planned to travel up to Newcastle on Thursday but we needed to change our plans a little as Mr.B was recovering from an abscess on a tooth. We made it up north on Friday afternoon...boy was it cold :) lol I think I have been living down south too long! We met up with my Dad and had a mooch round the shops and the Christmas Market. 

The lights in Newcastle were so pretty and it was a comforting feeling walking around hearing warm Geordie accents...this is what I miss the most. Mine is ever so slightly diluted now, although some would disagree. We made the trip as 15 years ago we had our first date in Newcastle when I was still living up there. We even had our first kiss on the Millennium bridge. Awwwwww!

We also visited a favourite childhood memory of mine, Fenwicks Window. Every year they decorate their street facing Windows with some sort of theme, this year.....PADDINGTON BEAR!!! How adorable is he!

The Windows seemed so much smaller than I remembered as a child but still as magical. 

Then this morning we walked over the Millenium bridge and had breakfast in Pitcher and Piano. It was such a beautiful view sat overlooking the River Tyne and the Baltic Mill. It was bitterly cold but blue skies and sunshine. After coffee and pancakes we walked back over the bridge.

Now we are back home and unpacked....whirlwind visit indeed. Tomorrow I am ice skating with my lovely friend Mel, let's hope I don't fall on my ass! Then it will be all systems go....the last week of work and time to get prepping for Christmas Day. Food shopping, house cleaning and present wrapping.

Are you all ready for Santa? 

Emma xxx

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