Friday, 9 May 2008

Feeling fit and ready for sewing!!!

What a hectic week, work has been so busy and after feeling under the weather the week before sewing had gone completely out of the window.

I did accomplish something this week though.....and that would be that I have officially opened a shop on etsy ( so if you'd like to pop over and have a look feel free. Only a limited number of items on there at the moment but if you keep an eye on it there will be many more additions joining them very soon!!

Speaking of which.....this is what I have been busy doing today and yesterday (outside of work of course.....I really don't know how I find the time!!)

See more of my pictures at lots more to post on there so I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

Off to make some more make up pouches and purses!!!! Oh how I love to sew and make bags!!!


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