Thursday, 29 May 2008

Only 1 Day Until Craft Fair

Remember the pieces I cut out last week.....these are the little pouches of loveliness that came out of them!!

The small ones are coin purses, medium- make up pouches to fit in your hand bag and large ones for carrying all your makeup whether you're away for the weekend or on holiday.

Hope you all like them?
Only one more day left to prepare for the craft fair (taking these little beauties with me), even though I've never sold at one before I'm really looking forward to it. Not sure what to expect but I'm sure it will all be fine.
Hoping that my new Moo cards come in time (fingers crossed!!)
Poor Sarah from Paper and String is not feeling too well at the moment so Get Well wishes winging their way to her.

With all the prep for Saturday and running in Race For Life on Sunday I will catch up with you all sometime after that. Have a fab weekend!!!! xx

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  1. thanks poppet!
    Good Luck at your craft fair, your purses & pouches, not to mention your bags! are great :-)


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