Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cocktail sticks for my eyes please....

......I am just about managing to keep my eyes open. But I thought I would just stop by and let you all know that I hadn't completely lost the plot and fell off the end. :D

Its just been very busy and I am trying to get as much completed in the time that is left which is leaving me utterly exhausted!! Thank you so much for the messages of support, its lovely to have encouragement when you need it the most. You really do keep me sane :)

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle : UPDATE

Your donations are still coming in, I am so grateful for your help in raising vital funds for the people of Japan. Although the situation seems to have taken a bit of back seat on the UK news front (typical) its still in my thoughts and only wish I could do more. You still have until 12 noon on 26th (Saturday) to donate and enter.

I do have photos to post, honest, and I will get round to it soon. Just bare with me while I get things in check.

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