Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan Earthquake Appeal

In light of what has happened in Japan the lovely Jo (who lives in Japan) has asked all her bloggy friends to join together and try to raise some funds for those people who need our help. Please pop over to Jo's blog and have a read of her posts. If you have a blog and want to get involved then that's where you need to go to find all the details. Its really simple and hopefully we will raise a good amount. If you don't want to host a raffle/auction then please spread the word by using Jo's appeal button or if you would be so kind to write a post, tweet, FB and tell your friends. I know its not much in comparison but its a start....

You can also make a donation here: or

Like many bloggers already, I will be taking part and have chosen to host a raffle. Details on how to take part and what is up for grabs will be coming soon. I have also decided that if anyone would like to buy any of the de-stash fabrics I will also donate the money from that too.

My thoughts are still with all those people who have lost their lives, are one of the many thousands still missing and those who have lost their homes to this devastating catastrophe.

Please note :: The raffle that will be held on this blog is in co operation with a Bit of This and a Bit of That. We are in no way affiliated with global giving, that's just our chosen method of getting funds safely to the affected area. Thank you.

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