Monday, 19 March 2012

Hello! Yes this is me....

For those of you who have no idea what I look like......this is me *waves* Hellooooo. This photo was taken by me with my camera, tripod and timer. I think this was 1 photo of about 50, if anyone had actually witnessed me trying to take a half decent photo of my self they would have been in hysterics on the floor. I did chuckle to myself a few times.

This is the reason for the photo, I appeared in a double page spread in this months Sew Hip Magazine. I wasn't sure how big the article was going to be so I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this.

Last year was amazing for me and Bagladee and this year I hope will be just as good, there maybe a few twists and turns coming up on the horizon but I'm ready to face them head on. Life is about the journey and would be pretty boring if we all just mosied along.

I'll be back soon to show you all the gorgeous bags I've been making for BCTF. Not long now, less than 4 weeks. Best get back to it.


  1. oooooh - you look more like Kate Middleton or, sorry, The Duchess of Cambridge, everytime I see a pic of you !!! xx

  2. I saw you jumping out of the page at me in Whsmiths! Nice to put a clearer face to your name. I saw a picture when you tool part in a charity race. Race for life perhaps?
    Lovely article. Shhhh but I am in the same issue, see if you can find picture of me though I made the flower project pouch. My blog was not included so it might have been difficult to find me. (Oh it has been a long day.)I took that issue in to school and some of my students loved your bag fabric.

  3. oooh! you are a bit of alright chuck xx

  4. Lovely pic. Would love to see the out-takes though! :o) xx

  5. congratulations Emma, what a great article and photo - and you still have your pincushion from me, I can see it in the picture!!
    : )


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