Saturday, 3 March 2012

A little bit of storage

Can you remember a little while back when the very lovely Rachel made me a sewing machine mat? It was crafted from some gorgeous sewing themed fabrics I'd been hoarding for sometime?

Well I decided that I would make some matching storage for my thread bobbins as previously I kept them in a box. Its much more time effective to have them on the desk with my sewing machine so I can dip into them when I need to.

I used a similar pattern to my clutch bags, they have the same boxed corner seams and are lined to the max to give them the same sturdiness to stand up on their own.

I made one from the buttons fabric and one from the bobbin fabric, I wanted a third so I used some of the scraps left to make the lovely one in the middle. As you can see they all have a different colour cotton lining inside.

I'm thinking of adding them to my website to buy as a group of three. I will be offering a bespoke service as well as ready made so if you're wanting a theme I can always accommodate.

I think these were a fantastic accompaniment to Rachel's mat.....I love being coordinated :D

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