Friday, 15 June 2012

Taking a second...

I don't actually remember the last time I just stopped by and said 'Hello' where are the weeks going? I cant believe were in mid June already!! I've managed to squeeze in some posts here and there with some photos of makes but not actually said much. Life is busy isn't it?

The dynamics of my day to day are always changing, those who know me know I've gone from working full time to working part time and being able to spend more time developing Bagladee and then again in the early months of the year went back to full time work. Its not as bad as it sounds, working part time gave me the perspective I needed that it was after all just a job and what I really love is making bags.

I still spend most of my 'out of work' hours making and creating and to say the least its been really busy, but that's good right :) Then we made the decision that we would like to move (I'm not going to go into too much detail) what a roller coaster that is turning out to be. So all in all things are busy but I'm looking forward to 'what might happen' in the near future. C has finally made it back into the working world I'm pleased to say (after 2 years rest! lol) so that is adding more excitement/stress into the pot. But were happy and tootling along side by side enjoying the ride.

Its weird but I'm still finding pretty much the same amount of time to make up orders, develop ideas and create as I did working part time. Maybe I was 'faffing' around a little bit too much then ;)

Whats new with Bagladee? Well I decided earlier this year that I would take a break from Trade Shows and such and give myself a little breathing space to develop some new designs and slow the pace down a little. I still have a handful of stockists and hoping to add a new shop to the list soon but I wanted to make some room for custom orders. I've found that a lot of customers want to choose their fabric and want to choose what details they'd like and I've found that I really love to make custom bags. So from this my lovely fireplace and cabinets you saw in my photos of exhibiting at BCTF have been sold on ebay. I'm sure that if I do take up Trade shows again in the future it will give me a chance to come up with something totally different for my display - plus it makes room in the garage :D

Which leads me to slapping myself on the wrist for taking so long to update my website. I did get round to listing the new design purses and a couple of clutch bags and saddle bags but there is still a lot to do. So my goal for the end of June is to have completed my list of changes. Feel free to kick me in the derriere if I fail!!

And on that note peeps I'm off to finish a trade order, this one is a little different as the mini clutches have chains! Over the shoulder clutch bags! Genius!

See you soon! x

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