Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Settled and unsettled

*Breathes in, breathes out* Right where do I start, only Wednesday and what a week!! I was going to say what a busy week, but I think disconnected feels like a better word to describe it. I found myself chopping and changing between things and not really getting to the end of anything. There is so much going on at the moment (bagladee and me, mainly me things) that I dont know whether I'm on my head or my backside ;)

There are parts of my life where one chapter is ending and another one begining but I'm sat in limbo waiting for the next stage, isn't that soooo frustrating. Its almost like waiting for Christmas to arrive (lol dont hate me for saying the C word in June). I desperately want to share it with you but feel like if I do the whole thing will come crashing down on me and I will feel like a right lemon for 'putting it out there' so to speak. And you lot know me I'm ususally crap at keeping things to myself.

One thing I can say is that C has been busy setting up his new business venture and I've even persuaded him to join Twitter and Facebook, although I dont think he's keen on it. I give him 2months and he'll be as addicted as me :D

I've been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to make a custom changing bag for Maya a lovely lady I met at the Handmade in Britain Show last year, but to top it all off I'm making it out of some of Maya's handprinted fabric (see above) isn't it gorgeous!!! I just hope I do the fabric justice!! I've also been working on another custom order for Theo's PR lady who works for Ryman Stationary, Tina has ordered 50 'Theo' inspired Gingerbread Men decorations for the Head Office tree. I will show you some photos soon.

Hopefully soon things will start to settle down and I will be able to have a good chat with you all and let you know whats been going on, either that or I will need consoling with wine and chocolate!! No, only kidding....only positive thoughts allowed!


  1. It all sounds very exciting! And exhausting! If you post a link to C's twitter account & facebook, I'll gladly do the PR thing for him :o)Looking forward to seeing the finished Maya bag (that fabric is so beautiful) Thanks for bringing us as up to date as you can! <3

  2. Lovely fabric! Hope your changes are all good ones. Sounds a bit tricky for you at the mo', but things always turn out fine!


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