Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ooops there it goes again...

...another week has flown by and already its Wednesday tomorrow crikes!! I cant believe we in July!!

This week progress on Maya's baby bag is coming along nicely. I have the main body of the outer bag made and the lining with all the pockets and dividers done too, just the strap to sort with something a little extra on it and sew the 3 components together. Which is just as well as Maya will be going in to be induced tomorrow so baby will be arriving a week earlier than planned. I will show you some photos tomorrow.

Today I was emailed a sketch. Maya is making me into a cartoon!! I am so excited the sketch looks amazing, it still has to be inked and coloured but I cant wait to see it. I'm planning on putting it on my website on my 'About' page when its finished. She really is a talented illustrator, its so exciting I cant wait!

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