Monday, 2 July 2012

When you dont have one to match...

This weekend I went to my OH's cousins Wedding reception (they got married in Mauritius a couple of weeks ago). I'd bought a dress and luckily had some shoes that matched but didn't have a bag to match.

Thankfully I seem to have the nack for making bags ;) so I decided the day before I would make this little cutie. As my dress had a flowered pattern I decided blocks of colour would be better.

Now she may look small and dainty but in my clutch bag I had x2 Blackberry phones, tin of vasaline, house keys, car keys, bank cards and money. Its all in the pattern cutting ladies. Small but deceiving :)

Already had requests for this style to be added to my website, so watch out for some new bags coming soon!!


  1. Hope you had a lovely time at the reception.
    The bags beautiful both inside and out. I
    also like your choice of nail varish!
    Have a lovely week. Ali x

  2. It is the clasps that fascinate me!
    Lovely colours.


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