Monday, 13 August 2012

Dear everyone.....

I hate to keep popping in and out of my blog in a flash but at the moment time is precious and you all know that if anything gives in a crafters 'To Do list' its always the blog (well for me it is). I've barely read any blogs of late and for that I do apologise, I miss all your funny, clever, imaginative, sometimes sad but touching posts and no doubt it will take me an age to catch up. So if you see me commenting on old posts you know why.

Its weird but I almost feel out of the loop, I've made some good friends though my blog and hope that you're all still there waiting in the wings to read another post :)

I'm still sewing (like mad) and there will be some updates soon, I am working on a post about craft fairs so bare with me (I may be some time lol) and if you're a twitter fan (@bagladee) I'm always on there because my BB is stuck to my hip (or so that's what C says).

The boxes above are another set I've been working on, I seem to have had a mad moment and cut out about 4 sets which still need sewing together :/ Oh well lets add those to the 'work in progress pile'.

Right I'm off peeps, hope you're all well, I'll be back soon :) xxx 

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  1. Look forward to your post on Craft Fairs - I am 99% sure I have just done my last one. Very disillusioned with confidence at an all time low. Maybe your post will help enthuse me again - no pressure then!


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