Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quickly, quickly...

If I'm not careful Mr. Bagladee will start getting jealous that I'm spending most evenings with 50 very dashing gingerbread men ;) they aren't just ordinary gingers Oh no, once they have their spectacles added they will be 'Theo' Gingerbread men.

Who knew that I would not get bored of making so many! In fact its actually made me want to make more. Which is a bloomin' good job as when these are finished I need to start on some more. A huge transition is coming soon and I'm racing through my To Do lists as quickly (but carefully) as I can to make way for a 2 week break. I feel excited, with butterflies in my tummy but extremely nervous at the same time. I think I'll feel a lot better once I can finally let you in on it. I actually feel now that I've built this all up to something spectacular and when I do tell all you will all say 'Huh is that it?' :)


  1. If it's that important to you, it'll be worth the wait :o) love your gingerbread men, and doing 'Theo' versions is inspired!


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