Sunday, 8 February 2015

Oooooh pretty!

And here it is my first new design bag in a long time! Boy does it feel good to say that, it has been a while. 

I love the anticipation of drawing up a new pattern with a vision if what it will look like in my head. I never make a mock up first, I always just dive in with my chosen fabric and work with any obstacles I come up against. 

Looking back I am thinking that was a mighty brave decision I took considering all the new skills I tried out on this beautiful bag. I suppose it never enters my mind that it 'won't work'. 

I have since purchased some thinner cord for piping and a piping foot to see how perfect I can get those seams.

Overall I am as us Northerners would say thoroughly chuffed with this one. It looks exactly how I had imagined right at the very start doodling away in my note pad. I already have two more orders for this style bag even though I have only been showing little sneak peeks so that must be a good sign :D 

I have another design waiting in the wings but i think that one will come later on in the Summer. Let this pretty lady have her day first.

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