Sunday, 22 February 2015


Last Summer I decided that I wanted to paint my studio, so I put together this little collection of images that inspired me. 

I love this colour, as I picked it from a Dulux chart it does not have a name just a number. So for argument sake I will say it's mint green. I find it very relaxing and is a great colour to match with. 

I've already been and bought the fabric boxes that fit into my IKEA shelving unit and have my eye on a new chair for my sewing desk but that will have to wait until I have some spare pennies. I've had a huge clear out and re-organised all of my sewing stash ready for my studio makeover. 

I picked these up at B&Q a couple of weeks ago in their sale. A teal coloured throw and two cushions. I don't really have a colour scheme but I figure that grey, teal and orange look really nice together with the mint green. I also have some prints to go up on the wall once it's all decorated. Just need to get this banister finished and then I can get started.

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