Sunday, 22 March 2015

Let's have a catch up...

What a perfect time for a proper catch up, early Sunday morning, everyone else is still in bed, the cats have been fed so I've made myself a cuppa and I'm in my favourite spot in the lounge with my blanket and Nell fidgeting on my knee.

With everything else that's going on I totally forgot to show you the goodies that I won from the lovely Christy's giveaway over at Sweet Tidings. Oh how I do love washi tape, the blue one on the end is my favourite. I also received a cute note book, stickers and a pen with a coffee cup on the top (very appropriate for me being a huge coffee fan). Thanks Christy :D

Also I finished this gorgeous beauty, if you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page you will have seen a picture of the full bag. Its funny, I knew exactly what fabrics to choose with the lovely Rachel in mind and she commented straight away on my fabric selection. I really love to make custom bags, there's something really special about crafting something for someone you feel you know but have never met in the flesh.

And then this also happened, I finally finished undercoating the whole and yes I mean the whole of the banister!!!!! It was a massive job but its looking fantastic so far! I cant wait to get it glossed now. That will be a job for a couple of weekends I think. Then it will be onto the next DIY job.

And then on Friday this was my view of the eclipse from the car park at work, there were quite a few of us stood outside waiting together to see what would happen. It was eerily grey and the sun did just look like the moon but as I've never seen one before this was pretty special. I have no idea what I was actually doing for the last eclipse? Oh well maybe I will still be around the next time we have one? 

Right now that's me all caught up what about you? 

I'm off to go and potter in the garden, there are some naughty weeds appearing already and it wont be long now until the grass will need cutting, its definitely spring out there for sure :D


  1. Love that tape.
    What is your Instagram name as I have taken the lunge and recently joined myself.

  2. oh that should have said "plunge" sorry. Good job I do not teach English.


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