Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'THE' list

Oooops I've just remembered that I promised to tell you all about my 'LIST' but I think I forgot about it just a little bit :) In the break after Christmas just before I went back to work I sat down and started writing a list of things I wanted to do or learn in 2015. I don't really tend to make New Year's Resolutions, and this year especially I wanted to be able to look back at a year where I really took charge of business. Also having a list to work to seems to be the best way to get myself motivated. I do love a good list, don't you?

So would you like to see that list? 

OK here it is:

1. Master twist locks
2. Learn how to bake red velvet cupcakes
3. Master piping
4. Go on holiday!
5. Learn to crochet
6. Master zippered pockets
7. Learn to ice skate - without falling on my butt!
8. Eat healthier
9. Drink more water
10. Meet up with the lovely Sarah and Rachel (I promise ladies I will do this!!)
11. De-stash some fabrics

I think its a reasonably achievable list, some sewing/crafting goals and some personal ones thrown in too. Now you might be thinking how is "Go on holiday" on a to do list but since we haven't been on holiday for the last 3 years its definitely on my to do list. We have thought about going to Cornwall or Devon, as I'm a northern gal the south coast was a little too far to travel when I was younger. Then maybe next year we can stretch to a overseas holiday. Obviously you can see the progress with the sewing/crafty goals here on my blog and I'm making a concious effort to eat healthier and move about more. 

I went ice skating at Christmas and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it, I hadn't been skating since I was 14. I'm proud to say that I didn't fall over once and by the time the session was over I wanted to skate again. Nottingham has a pretty impressive ice rink and I have heard a little rumour that they do a disco session on a Friday and Saturday night!! I'd like to make more time for fun activities and since Mr.B can already skate its a great opportunity to do something fun together. So the general goal for 2015 is to live healthier, have more fun, push myself more and spend more time with my lovely friends. 

I've got this list nailed!!! :D

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  1. That's a great list (especially no 10!!) and you're almost halfway there already :-) I love ice skating too, I met hubby on an ice skating trip (although he spent most of the time in the bar, haha!) I'm not great but can just about manage to stay on my feet. Ooh, perhaps we could combine no 10 with no 7, now that would be fun ;-) xxx


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