Friday, 21 April 2017

If I were a.....

...pencil case! I would most definitely look like this one :) No really I would! 

Its amazing when all the pressure of making things to order goes away, the motivation to create returns. After making a bit of a faux pas on the amount of fabric I needed to make my first "Make 9" project, I decided that I would make something that had been on my list from last year while I waited for another delivery. 

Its been such a long time since I've made any of the make up pouches that I used to sell in my online shop. I could have used the original pattern and adapted it but I thought it would be good for me to create a new one, to kinda get back into the swing a little. It felt a little strange getting the pattern paper out and starting to mark out the measurements but I suppose its like they say "riding a bike". 

As I am totally obsessing over the colour that I painted my sewing room, I seem to be a magnet to anything in the same colour spectrum. This also goes for the fabric I've bought for my "Make 9" project, now if you can remember that far back, my plan was to make 9 garments before the year was out. Now I can hear you all whispering....but its April already Emma and you haven't even started. Dont worry...I'm not, its not the finish line that is important, its the journey along the way.

I plan on starting this weekend, even if its just the cutting out. I also have something else that I want to make but more about that later. Back to my gorgeous new pencil case :)

So of course it had to have buttons on it and a few little hidden sparkles purely because I love anything sparkly. Mr.B says I'm like a magpie! The fabric on the top section was literally some scraps I had left over from a bag I made a couple of years ago. I love the pinks and aqua combination. The problem that I had with my previous case was that it was wayyyy too small, so when I started to work out the dimensions for this one I knew how big I wanted it to be. 

I'd love to make some more, but I'm not going to pressure myself into anything. I've ordered some more of the gorgeous polka dot printed felt, along with a stripey version and whatever I create I will put up for sale. Its more about the creating for me, I really enjoyed making this one for myself. Its funny that I used to make lots of bags in lots of different styles for customers but I never really got round to making anything for myself....crazy I know!! At least this time I can say that the first one was for me :)

I'm also thinking of making another one to make a matching pair so that I can use the second one for a make up pouch for my bag. Its been a good distraction for me this week, and by god I've needed one. The day job 'issue' still hasn't been resolved, I'm trying to keep myself together on that one but its difficult. Creating is the thing that I say keeps me sane but I really think that is true. I feel like the 'real' me when I can make things.  Good things come to those who wait.....well if anyone has noticed I've been here waiting patiently all this time. Please bring a good solution :)

Well I'm going to leave it there for this week my lovelies, I do hope you all have a fantastic weekend whatever you have planned. We will be keeping on with the marathon that is decorating, we're on the home stretch now for sure. 

Take care, 
Emma xxxx 

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