Saturday, 29 April 2017

What Emma made next...

Happy Satur-yay you lovely lot, so so happy that its the first of the bank holidays this month. I'm just sitting still for 10 minutes (OK maybe it will be a tad longer than that) to have a coffee and a Tunnocks tea cake whilst I update you on what I have been up to this week.

 Ahhhhh man how good are Tunnocks tea cakes???? Only problem is they dont last very long, 4 bites and thats it....gone :D Anyone else have that problem?

I'm still trying to eat as healthy as possible, still planning my meals every week, still trying to not eat processed or junk food.....however I do allow myself little naughty treats every now and then. Its only right that you keep a balance. Dont you think?

So this week has been another terribly stressful one, to the point where my anxiety was starting to rear its head again. Now I know that I have never mentioned this before but maybe I will keep that post for another day. Anyway, I'm always looking for creative projects to 'disctract' myself from the things in life that stress me out. This is my way of taking control of the situation and my thoughts. 

A little while before I decorated my sewing room I bought some felt balls from the lovely Sarah at Blooming Felt with the intentions of making another felt ball coaster (which is also a project from Sarah's book called Felt Fantastic). The first one I made you can just about see in this photo, yep thats my favourite mug! I used to have it at work....that explains a lot lol.

Obviously I wanted this one to match my colour scheme, please excuse the quality of the photos the light wasn't that great and I was struggling to capture the colours to show you all how lovely they are. I would say the photo of the felt balls before they were sewn together give you the best idea of the colours.

These are so thereputic to make and you really can take yourself off to a cosy safe place in your mind whilst you're making them. I prefer listening to music while I sew and I pretty much will listen to most genres of music. At the moment I seem to be hooked on Classic FM although I do prefer it when they play scores of music from Movies. I have a little bit of a soft spot for Debussy, Clair de Lune being my favourite, to be honest anything with a piano is good in my books.

So I was maybe thinking that I would make some sets of coasters to put in my shop (thats another post I have yet to write). Its marked on my 'Goals' list for thinking about some more at a later date. I'm really enjoying making things for myself, since I started Bagladee, as I think I've mentioned before, I've only really ever made things for other people. Its nice to make something that I get to keep to really appreciate what I have created.

They are really sturdy once you have sewn them together and I tend to find that they keep your drink warmer for longer, your cup/mug doesn't wobble around on them and they look soooooo pretty don't you think?

The rest of the weekend will be spent, decorating the last two rooms of the house (*punches the air* yes! were almost there now) celebrating Mr.B's Mum's birthday, planning....lots of planning (will explain all of that as soon as I can) and maybe some sewing if I'm lucky :D

Whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time, spend it with your loved ones, laughing, eating good food and if you're like me, enjoying a glass of vino or two :)

Take care, 
Emma xxx

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