Monday, 12 February 2018


Hello again my lovelies, I've been lucky enough to spend sometime this weekend sewing!! I know right!! Woop *punches air*.

Unfortunately though the light has not been good enough (whilst I've been home) to take any photos of my finished makes :( Roll on the lighter evenings! Its just so dark when I come home from work at the moment, the only time I get a chance to take photos is a weekend and if the weather is pants then.....pfffff!!!

Anyway, with everything else going on, I totally forgot to tell you about Betty No.2, Betty (No.2) was a gift from my Dad for Christmas. Obviously I'm talking about my Adjustoform Dummy :) and she is now a mirror image of me (or should I say I am a mirror image of her - what a dummy!!) so now I can fit garments to my exact'ish size without having to whip my clothes off every 10 minutes! Yes I was really doing this and at times I've sat in my pants at my sewing machine whilst adjusting a seam. I know you all didn't really need to know that but well I like to tell it how it is.

I just have to add Betty No.1 (a non adjustable dummy) is still in my room, in fact she's behind her replacement, she's just hiding.

So I've still got lots of lovely things to show you all and I promise I will soon. I've almost finished my SOI Ultimate shift dress and my Bettine is done and looking fabulous :D

Hope your Monday has not been too bad...
Have a great week,

Emma xxx

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