Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another one bites the dust.... more bag sample finished. And I have to say its times like this that I realise how much (I'm obsessed) I love fabric. This fabric only arrived last week but I loved it soooo much I just had to see it as a bag!!!

I am almost finished the samples for the large bags, I will then be tackling my other bits and bobs. I have made a pledge to myself, that as soon as the prep is out of the way for the trade fair "I am going to sit down and make a bag just for me" :D I know, crazy, I have made many bags....just not one for little ol'me.

These little sparkly gems are going to be 'a little something extra' that is going to be added to the bags....a project in themselves but I just cant resist that little bit of bling :D

And since I don't think I ever got round to showing you may sewing chair, here it is!!! I have cropped out as much of the mess as I I said to a friend earlier today fabric is EVERYWHERE! Its extremely comfortable and perfect for sitting in and hand sewing with the TV on (normally 'A place in the sun', football or catching up on the soaps). Hope you all had a fab weekend.


  1. hmm that tree fabric is yummy! and I want a sewing chair like that, our sofa is so old and uncomfortable!

  2. LOVE the bling matey and the sewing chair looks fab!! :-) x

  3. Loving the fabric those are my favourite colours... and the added bling is fabulous... I think if I sat in that chair I would nver get up again... you decide if it would be because a) I'd be too comfy or b) my fat arse would never get up from it! ;D

    x Alex

  4. that chair looks just perfect Emma!
    : )

  5. Cute bag!!! You need to make one for yourself :)


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