Saturday, 6 February 2010


...its a busy time at bagladee HQ but I have managed to take time out and do some long awaiting listing on my website.

There are lots more to come but for starters here are 3 of my new brooches, I really have fallen in love with this new design. I have listened to what you lovely shoppers have told me about size and here they are hope you like them. They are 6cm, so nice and diddy for putting on your favourite coat or blouse.....or like me on my handbag.

And I was starting to feel kinda sad for these little fellas, I'd listed all my other cushions but totally forgot about these!!! I know, how dare I!! They are sitting pretty in my studio at the moment but I'm sure they'd rather be going off on their travels to a new home. ***fingers crossed fellas maybe someone will adopt you***


  1. I love the yellow brooch!

    Some great things, Emma, well done (as always) xx

  2. Your brooches and pillows are beautiful!

  3. very pretty new things Emma!
    : )

  4. Your Brooches and Cushions are really cute and beautiful, great work!



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