Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tutorial : How to make your own labels

I've learnt so many tips and tricks through fellow crafters and bloggers that I thought it was time I gave something back. People often ask me where I get my labels made, and the honest truth is, I make them myself. They're not perfect or look shop made.....but then if they were they wouldn't look handmade, I think they look pretty good? Feel free to make your own and tell me what you think of the tutorial (be gentle its my first tute) :)

(1) What you will need:
T-Shirt transfer paper (for light fabrics if you are using white twill tape), sharp scissors, Twill tape (the width is up to you and will depend on how wide you would like your labels) **I used 1.5cm width**

In the pack you will get full instructions on how to use the transfer paper (2).
Using a program like CorelDraw or Photoshop (you could also do this in Word or similar) layout a grid, each little box should be a little bit wider than your tape and however long you require them to be. **I always add a little extra length to allow the edges to be folded in before sewing to the item.

In the first box, layout your design as you would like to see it on your label, flip it so the image/text is back to front (don't worry when you iron it to your tape it will be the correct way) copy the process in every box until you get a full sheet. Print a test page on a normal piece of paper just to make sure every thing is lined up as you want it. If you're happy with it print your sheet onto a piece of transfer paper (3.) **In photo 3 the sheet towards the back is the copy on paper, the one to the front is on the transfer paper**

Using a paper cutter or scissors cut your labels into strips (4) then cut into individual labels (5)

Now you have a lovely pile of transfer labels (6) take one of your labels and place on your twill tape (7) you can just see your design through the backing so make sure its centered.
Using the tip of your iron secure the label down the centre (8), leaving the top and bottom edges free (9) cut from the roll of tape.
Take your label and trim the top and bottom edges as close to the tape as you can (10). Apply heat with your iron to fully transfer the label (11).

Leave for about a couple of minutes to cool down (it explains in the instructions that you will get a more glossy finish if you allow the transfer to cool (12).

Hold the edge of your tape and peel the label from the tape (13 & 14)
Now you have your first label (15). Trim the tape up to the transfer so there is no raw edge to the tape (16).

(17) And there you go a semi professional twill tape label. Repeat process to get a lovely pile of them all ready for sewing (18).


  1. What a great tutorial!!! I will have to have a go at that, they look great!!
    Thanks so much : )

    Sharon xx

  2. brilliant! I'll be giving that a try some time soon! :)

  3. Hi Emma, I did this tutorial ages ago and was all stressed out because I could not for the life of me work out how to mirror the image (I have a IMac).

    After what felt like a life time on the internet figuring out how to flip, I finally worked out how to do it. The labels came out great and they do look as if they have been professionally finished.

    Thank you for sharing your tutorial xx

  4. i dont sell my knitwear on etsy at the mo but when i did this is something that i did using black twill tape... works a treat!

  5. Thank you...this is just what I have been looking for for my Etsy shop great tutorial!

  6. Great tutorial! I am so impressed with these:)

  7. Excellent...i've even got all the materials needed lying around the house, easy to follow steps thank you, Marice x

  8. Perfect, there is no better feeling than making your own supply! Good for you!

  9. Brilliant tutorial, I will be making these for my bags, thank you,..will the ink run if the label is washed,or can you seal it in some way. ?


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