Friday, 16 April 2010

Blog Anniversary No.2

Yesterday was my 2nd blog birthday. I had totally forgotten until I looked in my diary this morning. How on earth did I miss that one? Well it has been a little hectic round here lately :D

I was planning on having a giveaway to celebrate but since I forgot all about it I've decided to have one towards the end of the month so that I can make some goodies for it. Before I went off to the BCTF I did promise photo's of the little bit of bling that I was adding to the here they are.

They are flower corsages to go on all the new bags. They are attached with a brooch pin on the back and in the centre there is a rhinestone button with some chain and teardrop crystals.

I think they just add a glam touch to the bags......and if you like you can wear the corsage on your jacket to match your bag.


  1. such a cool design! i especially love the orange one. would definitely wear that as a brooch or on a bag!

  2. Happy blog birthday! I love the corsages, especially the orange one.

  3. Happy Bloggerversary!

    The orange one is a favourite of mine too.

  4. aw Emma they are lovely!!!! x

  5. Lovely bling! Happy Bloggiversary too! I thought it was around the same time as mine, hasn't time flown?!
    R xx

  6. They are fab, you can't beat a bit of sparkle :-) Happy blogg anniversary.

  7. I Love them!!

    Happy Blogaversary :)

  8. Super duper!
    The orange one is my fab!

    Happy blog birthday!!!


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